Yellowstone and Glacier Trip Photos

Here are some photos that I decided to share with you from Yellowstone NP and Glacier NP from my trip across the Western USA. I have not done much processing on these yet, which I am hoping to do during the next few weeks. The images from Yellowstone NP are from the Nikon D5100 that I was testing – all images from my Nikon D3s were on the card that I unfortunately lost somewhere in Yosemite NP. All landscape images of Yellowstone are lost, so I only have some wildlife + wildflower shots to show.

While in Yellowstone, there was not a day when I did not see black bears. First day I was super excited about seeing a bear cub walk alone and eat flowers, so I took several hundred pictures of him eating, resting and playing. My favorite picture was with the cub sitting in between many wildflowers. Of course those pictures are all gone, so it is only a memory. During the next bear encounters, I only photographed when the bears were close. For the first couple of shots, I would use the Nikon D5100 and then switch to my D3s, due to better and more accurate autofocus. Here are some images of bears from the Nikon D5100 + Nikon 200-400mm f/4 VR combo.

This is a black bear that some call “Cinnamon” bear:

Yellowstone NP #1

This guy was rubbing his back on a tree trunk:

Yellowstone NP #2

And then eventually moved on:

Yellowstone NP #3

Another bear that got very close to us (less than 100 yards):

Yellowstone NP #4

By the end of the week, whenever I saw black bears, I would just move on, since I was more interested in seeing grizzlies instead. A video of a grizzly bear roaming around will be posted shortly.

We saw plenty of other wildlife in Yellowstone and I took many pictures of coyotes, hawks, falcons and eagles, pronghorns, mountains goats and more. Don’t ask me where those images are! The biggest loss was pictures of 6 coyote cubs playing and one adult coyote catching and eating a ground squirrel. My previous coyote pictures were a joke in comparison. Oh well, let’s move on.

I rarely even look at bison in Yellowstone. Because they are just everywhere. While driving through one of the roads, I noticed a calf feeding at sunset and took a picture from the car window:

Yellowstone NP #5

Here are some other pictures of Yellowstone taken with the Nikon D5100:

Yellowstone NP #6

Yellowstone NP #7

These two crows were enjoying the early morning at Yellowstone:

Yellowstone NP #8

And wildflowers were everywhere:

Yellowstone NP #9

Yellowstone NP #10

Yellowstone NP #11

It turns out July is a great month to be in Yellowstone.

On the road to Glacier, I found this old truck and took a picture:

Glacier NP #1

We started our first day at Two Medicine, which is the southern part of the park. There was a waterfall, very close to our campsite and we hiked there to take some pictures. This is one of the first pictures from Glacier:

Glacier NP #2

Never take pictures of waterfalls in sunny days!

Again, wildflowers were everywhere:

Glacier NP #3

Glacier NP #8

Glacier NP #14

Lakes and waterfalls were breathtaking:

Glacier NP #4

Glacier NP #5

Glacier NP #6

Glacier NP #7

Glacier NP #9

Some more pictures of the Two Medicine lake:

Glacier NP #10

Glacier NP #11

Here is Saint Mary lake during on a windy day:

Glacier NP #12

And more waterfalls:

Glacier NP #13

Glacier NP #15

Glacier NP #16

Here is Avalanche Creek’s rain-forest:

Glacier NP #17

Sunrise at Saint Mary Lake:

Glacier NP #18

Glacier NP #19

This prairie chicken showed up while I was taking pictures of mountain peaks and just stood there. I switched from my Nikon 24-70mm to 200-400mm f/4 and took this picture while it stood still:

Glacier NP #20

Another sunrise shot of St Mary Lake on a clear morning with the moon:

Glacier NP #21

Hope you like these, although it is a pity that most of the good pictures have been lost.

  • Scott Duncan

    Stunning captures. Awesome stuff.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you Scott!

      • Mike

        Great shots and I have passed your site on to others.

        We are visiting Yellowstone from the UK in September 2012, I have a D200 and hope to have a D800 by the time I visit.

        Wondering what lens you used for the bear shot as I don’t want to get too close.

        Also, where is the location of Horseshoe bend that is on your header, I keep finding one as being near Flagstaff but Google Maps locates it in Alabama!


  • Mark de Vrij

    Dear Nasim,

    If these weren’t even the best pics….man they must have been a new kind of awesome. These are great and a real inspiration to take my camera and get out there, Thanks!

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you Mark! Yes, these are not the best pics from Yellowstone and Glacier – the good ones are lost :( I’m still hoping that someone will turn my memory card into the lost and found. I contacted Yosemite L&F and they don’t have anything yet…

  • Jas

    Awesome pics Nasim. Quite captivating and def defines natures purity out there.. :)

  • Vickie H

    Awesome pictures Nasim! Just breathtaking I am so sorry that you lost your card.

  • Natt

    WOW!!!! Awesome pics.. I wish I could have half of your skills. I’m going to Banff in September to avoid the crowd. Hopefully, I will have some good pictures too. And thanks for the tips of storing memory cards 0n the previous post.It was very helpful.

  • Cheryl

    Wow and double wow!!! I just LOVE bears and you have some great shots, Kasim. The bison calf is so cute. I could go on about each photo but to sum it up – what a fantastic place Yellowstone is and so beautifully captured. I can only imagine what the lost images would have been like – especially the coyote pups at play. It just means you’ll have to go back next year and if I win the lottery I’ll join you :-) Yellowstone is now on my “Wish List” of photographic sites to visit when I get back to the States. Thank you for the photographic tour and have a good weekend.

  • Tom

    Nasim, I am sick over your lost card, hopefully it will show up. You have some great shots with what you have posted here. Keeping my fingers crossed that you will get the card back.

  • Rahul


    Imagine my surprise when you say these aren’t the best pictures you took on this trip , because these themselves are fabulous. I can see a lot of hard work – locating the right spots, getting the time right for the bets lighting, waiting for fauna to show up. I hope these will find their way in full/native resolution to your wallpaper collection.

    Good luck with the lost cards, I hope whoever finds it and views the contents is equally in awe of your shots and returns the card. If it were me, I wouldn’t mail it, I’d come personally only to meet the man who took them :)

  • Pavel

    Hi Nasim!
    I grieve for the lost you photos.
    This is only an incentive to take a picture of the new even better.
    Nonetheless, these pictures are great! Especially of the Two Medicine lake (with boats) and Sunrise of St Mary Lake on a clear morning with the moon.
    I look forward to a new survey camera D5100. I was standing in front of a difficult choice between the D5100 and D7000. The big difference in weight (200g) and price (the price of the lens AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G), but much more functional D7000 and secure body…

  • Gautham Ramamurthy

    Absolutely stunning snaps!!! To think of the loss of the compact flash card…… The d5100 looks like a great camera!

  • Ayan

    Hi Nasim!

    Fantastic pictures, and sad to hear the loss of awesome pictures. I hate the feeling of mistakenly deleting good images of the memory card, and your case must be 100 times worse! God willing someone will turn it in.

    Also, is it possible for you to go through the post-production of one of your photos? Just want to learn some more about post prod!

  • Sam

    Hi Nasim,

    Your pics are marvellous !!

    I owe a D5000 but pics are not sharp and crisp as yours :-(

    I think part of the reason is because I’m using a kits lens :-)

  • Alexey Igonin

    Отличные фото, Насим. Я тоже тут с Кении вернулся. КОнечно для птиц не хватало 300-ки или еще лучше 400-ки. Там неплохие условия для съемки.

  • Graham

    If you looked harder, you could find bright orange truck wrecks like KR.
    Seriously, how do you find the ‘honest’ colour rendition of the 5100/3200 in comparison with the D700 and 800?
    Your pictures over water are deliciously held in check, but I wonder what WB you used also for the slow water-fall pics?
    BTW, do you use AWB for 10-stop black filters, or clean up the colour rendition afterwards out of RAW, or try to second-guess the colour shift at the time of shooting? Advice gratefully received.