The Winner of the Nikon D800 / Canon 5D Mark III Giveaway

It has been long, but the winner is here! We had a total of 6114 eligible participants in this giveaway. Since this was a Facebook giveaway, most of the participants were from Facebook. However, thanks to the feedback that we received from our readers, we also manually included those that complained about not having Facebook accounts from our giveaway page. After eliminating some of the duplicate entries (174 people were disqualified as a result), I pulled up all the names on an Excel spreadsheet, then typed 1-6114 at, which gave me the lucky number – 839:

Giveaway Winner

Cross-matching the number revealed the email address of the lucky winner. I sent an email to the winner earlier today and have just received a response! The winner is Deepak Gupta, from Mumbai, India. Deepak already chose his camera, the Canon 5D Mark III. We will be sending the camera to Deepak within the next few days.

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. And to those that did not win – do not worry, as you will have plenty more chances to win in the future! Within the next few days, we will be announcing another giveaway – this time the prize will be the amazing Fuji X-E1 with the 18-55mm lens! We have recently reviewed the Fuji X-E1 and loved it, so it is only fare to give one away to one of our loyal readers. The only thing we might change in the upcoming contest, is the authorization for the giveaway app. Ever since we changed it not to ask for anything, the app has only been gathering email addresses, without any names or Facebook profile links. This made it hard to announce the winner, since I had to email the winner and had to wait to hear back…

  • Prasad Np

    Great… good to see some body from India winning. Congratulations Deepak….

    • Gloria D

      Congrats, Deepak!

  • Homer

    Lucky you Deepak Gupta!!!
    Enjoy that awesome camera and thanks again to Nasim for the give away.

  • Deepak Gupta

    I cannot believe this! Thank you again Nasim—I am very very thankful and excited to win my dream camera!!!! I found your website about one year ago when searching moon photography and I’m your loyal visitor since. This will be big upgrade over my 3 years old Canon digital rebel!

    • Vikas

      Congratulations Deepak!!

    • Mike

      Congrats Deepak! Enjoy the new cam, even though you should have picked the D800 ;)

      I just returned from three months in Mumbai last week. Huge city, so many people. Have a few shots on my website (


      • amazing face

        should get whatever he wants bro bro don’t be a fanboy and knock on what he picked cause it ain’t your brand of choice

        • Mike

          Did you see the wink after the comment? I was joking, maybe you should develop a sense of humour.

  • Frank Jr.

    Well I may have been one of them that was disqualified. The first time I entered I wasn’t sure it went through so I tried once more. When I went back to my FB page I had both showing. oops! Sorry about that. On other sites that I have visited that had drawings the software wouldn’t allow a second time.

    Congratulations Deepak. I hope you enjoy your new camera.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Frank, most people that were disqualified did not even enter their email addresses. Only a few people entered twice somehow and I am pretty sure you were not one of them :)

      • Gloria D

        Frank Jr, the same thing happened to me. You are not alone.

        • Nasim Mansurov

          Gloria, just checked your name in the list and you were not excluded as well (checked against your gmail address).

      • Frank Jr.

        That’s ok if I was Nasim.
        I win something every day I visit here. Thanks for your efforts, and keep up the good work you do here.

  • Sandipan

    Lucky you Deepak.
    Enjoy the awesome camera.
    By the way, I hope that you know about the fuss that customs might create. I know, because I am originally from India.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Sandipan, can you elaborate more on this? Is the problem for the sender, receiver or both?

      • Sandipan

        The problem is more with the receiver. And the problems are mostly with expensive items. Cutoms tends to delay delivery and asks for a hefty duty. This was my experience few years back. Things might have changed for the better and I am sure Deepak will take care of it. Since i have moved to US a few years ago, not sure of the recent customs situation.

        • Nasim Mansurov

          Thank you for the info Sandipan!

        • Alekh Khanna

          Firstly, congrats Deepak. Since I regularly keep on importing stuff, can shed some light on this.
          Things to remember:

          1) Seal it like a boss. Preferably a box within a box.
          2) Do include a bill for the Camera else customs have the right to refuse releasing the item to Deepak.
          3) Use DHL or Aramex Intl Shipping. Both are regulars in importing exporting stuff, have liaisons at customs and can get the Camera released from the custom’s shackles much much earlier than say Indian Post (if USPS/Royal Mail is used).
          4) Deepak: Be ready to pay import duty. Don’t remember exactly, but electronics fall in the 28% bracket. And the overall value depends on the custom valuation. They are free to choose a different value than that declared on the box.

          Hit me up in case you’ve any queries.

          Hope this helps. Pardon any typos as have written it all from a mobile device.

          • Carlo Bonetti

            28% import duty?! Wow, somehow this ‘gift’ doesn’t sound like such a great deal anymore. Still, 1/3 of the full camera price is still a good price in anyone’s books.

            And what’s all these warnings about Indian customs processes and regulations – surely this is India we’re talking about and not North Korea?

            • Himanshu Lakhwara

              My dear Italian friend, you don’t know half the story about India and the border control/customs. It all unfortunately goes back long time ago when the Indian government apparatus ruled by a tight fist.

              That said, I heard some horror stories about Italian customs and duties, the fact the parcels get “lost” in ether…and where the corruption is ripe and part of the daily lives.

              I think both our countries need a good kick in the backside and wake up and smell the modern societies around them.

    • Abdul Ahad

      Things haven’t changed a bit buddy! They still charge huge duty (from the receiver). Bought a used Dell Latitude for $99 from USA in last July and sent it by post to India, they charged 40% of the price + another $80 as ‘punishment’ charge. :( and the whole process took one and a half month though the item reached India within 7 days of ordering.

      This is a very f***ed up system.

      • babocha

        Would you care to elaborate on this ‘punishment charge’ please?

        Dying to figure out what the f… is going on with India these days? As one posted above mentioned – this isn’t a country like North Korea, so why all that ?!

        • Malik Patel

          No it’s not North Korea, it’s actually worse in many areas. Sadly.

      • Hassan Saliman

        So true and so sad. It’s close to impossible to purchase any higher-spec camera or any electronic gear from outside of India for that matter. I am on a good IT salary here and been saving for close to 2 years to afford a D7000 which over that time became a D7100 (this is how sad it is for us Indians, the camera model changes before we save enough to be able to afford it).

        Last month I ordered the refurbished one from B&H Photo and got stung about 38% on top. Ridiculous. The lenses I won’t buy this way though, I tend to take my camera on a trip and purchase the lens overseas while on travel, attach it to the camera and ‘slip’ back thru customs into India that way.


        • Steve Jessop

          Wow, you guys are scr3w.d pretty badly, indeed. Feeling sorry for you.

          Just wondering what considered as a ‘good IT salary’ in India, these days.

  • sunil sachi

    congratulations Deepak

    We in India follow you big time Nasim .

  • Srini

    Congrats Deepak!!!

    Nice tips from Alekh.

    Hope he can get his camera without any hassles.

    BTW, please consider including a letter to Customs from you on your letter head…You may fill-in what ever you think it is appropriate.

  • rajesh

    Congratulations Deepak.

    You need to post your amazing pictures of Incredibale India taken from New camera.

  • Jashem Farhan

    oh ! Better luck next time. :-(

    Congratulations Deepak.

  • Ricardo Vaz

    Damn it, I thought I was going to get the first free stuff of my life! Grats Deepak!

  • Abhik

    Missed it by that much! Well, next time, hopefully! Congrats, Deepak!

  • Myrna Sharma

    Congratulations Deepak! Enjoy your new camera!

    Nasim, I look forward to the next giveaway!