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If you have been reading some of the articles during the last couple of days, you might have noticed that we now have a text box under each post that is asking you, our dear readers, to support Photography Life. I am not going to repeat the same message since it is on the bottom of this post, but in summary, we need your support to continue operating the website ad-free. We also want to grow bigger by adding more contributors, which means more unique content, and running routine contests / giveaways that will add more readers and expand our reach.

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There are multiple ways you can contribute. The simplest way to help us out, is by buying your gear from our trusted affiliates B&H Photo Video and Adorama. Both B&H and Adorama ship internationally, however, if you have tough tax laws for packages coming from the USA, then please use the links below for specific countries:

  1. Amazon Canada
  2. Amazon UK
  3. Amazon Germany
  4. Amazon France

Buying from our links costs you nothing, does not change the price in any way, but it does help us a little by giving us a small percentage of the sale. Whenever you need to purchase any sort of camera gear, please use our links!

If you feel that we deserve more for our efforts, you can also donate money. You can do it as a one-time payment, or you can pledge on a monthly basis with options from $5 per month to $100 (monthly support would be ideal, since it would give us a monthly budget to work with for various projects). If you would rather use PayPal for donations, please use our PayPal one-time donation or PayPal subscription forms instead.

Our current goal is to give all the donations we receive back to our readers by running some great giveaways. The next one will be huge – we will be giving away a Nikon D800 or a Canon 5D Mark III! We need these giveaways in order to promote our Facebook and Twitter social media pages. I know that some of our readers hate social media and do not want to be a part of it – I totally understand them. However, given how many people use social media today, it is not something we can neglect. Most of our daily visits come from existing readers and Google, but it would be nice if we extended our reach to other traffic sources as well.

So if you would like to provide your support, please visit our Support Us page for some details. Thank you!

P.S. If you have already contributed during the last three days, please do it again – our system was in test mode and it was not accepting credit cards until now.

  • Amrendra

    Hi Nasim…

    Couple of days back I stumbled upon this website and I fell in love with it for its content and over all the simplicity with which every thing is explained that even a monkey can operate a camera after reading your posts. The write ups are just so good!!! I just want to ask you that I live in India and incase I want to purchase gear from the above mentioned sites is it possible with competitive rates in India? And will it be delivered to India safely?

    • Mayank Manu

      Dear Nasim
      same with me < i have been following your site fro past couple of years now, I have same query as Armendra have,

      though I would Like to go for Monthly commitment as well so that I can see the site not loaded with ads and get quality information and updates.

      Also pls advise how trusted is payment links.

      Pls advise how to go about,

      Best regards to you and complete team


      • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

        Mayank, you do not have to worry about payment links – those are done via Stripe.com, which is a very trusted merchant. Everything on our side is secured via SSL and we do not store any credit card data…

        Thank you for your support!

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Unfortunately, I cannot get an affiliate relationship with any companies based out of India. Also, Amazon does not allow affiliate marketing for anyone living outside of India…

  • http://www.alanlomaxphotography.co.uk Alan

    Hi Nasim,

    Do you have any trusted affiliates in UK/Europe???

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Alan, yes, I updated the links above to Amazon UK.

  • http://www.pixels4u.co.uk Richard

    Not being in the US, the best way I can support your great site if you wish, is to put the support banner on my website under links.


    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you for your support Richard! I also added affiliate links to Amazon UK.

  • Chris

    Well done Nasim. This website has great contents and deserves some capital to make it even stronger. I would like to contribute a little on a monthly basis. Any words on accepting PayPal payments? They accept recurring payments and I think most people have no problems with micro-payments on a monthly basis (voluntary of course). Marginal ads would also help with hosting costs, especially for high-traffic websites.

    Please keep the contents coming and don’t forget about business networking with other websites (readership can be different but content is king!). All the best Nasim!!

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Chris, thank you for your support! I added the option to contribute via PayPal – please see the above article for the links.

      We thought about ads, but I do not want to destroy the aesthetic look of the website and ruin the reading experience! If we do not have enough support, perhaps we might move to an ad model later. For now, I would like to continue operating the site as clean as possible :)

      As for business networking with other websites, can you be more specific on what you mean? I don’t think many websites would be interested in cross-posting content or contributing on an ongoing basis. Content is definitely important, which is why we work hard on bringing something new every day!

      • Chris

        Hi Nasim, Some of the sites aggregates articles on the net and cross link to the source articles. It doesn’t hurt to say a hi with a link or two and see if they are interested.

        I can think of: Fstoppers, Digital Photography School and DIYPhotography

  • https://michaelcolman.wordpress.com/ Michael Colman

    I do not mind ads, they are on most other screens I view.

    Customs in the UK would create havoc if I could get B & H to mail me. I have been to NYC twice in the past 5 years and each times my plans have conspired to coincide with Jewish New Year when the store is closed.

    I am sure you could get a click through rate from Amazon in the UK but that may present tax issues.

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Michael, I am aware of tax issues in the UK (my sister lives there). I have just registered an affiliate account with Amazon UK. Would appreciate if you bought your equipment via this link in the future.

      Thank you!

  • Love2Eat

    Hi Nasim, more than happy to support you with the affiliated links, however I will one for the UK. Most of my online shopping, including camera gear, these days are done via Amazon, so that would be ideal.

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you for your support! I did register as an affiliate for Amazon UK, so you can use this link going forward.

  • http://www.degial.com Degial

    I wish I had a chance to buy some gear from B&H Photo Video (i.e. the new Nikkor 80-400), but for some reason they do not ship what I want to purchase to UK. What a pity… Strange, but Adorama does not have such restrictions.

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Both B&H and Adorama should have the same restrictions. I think you are better off buying that lens from Amazon UK – a link to Amazon has been posted in the above article.

  • Chris

    You have our support.
    I need some stuff on adorama anyways so using your link is the least I could do.

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you Chris!

  • Connor Katz

    Add a PayPal donate button!!!

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Connor, I just did – please see the links to PayPal above.

  • nestor

    Hi Nassin

    Last month I buyed a few items at B&H, but I didn’t realized you have a link.
    Next september I would have to buy several items, please could you be so kind to put the links very visible at your home page. It is not advertisement, but it would help a lot, otherwise I would have to send the B&H link to favorites and it is not so comfortable.

    Many thanks for your site

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Nestor, yes, I will be placing more visible links on the main page to our affiliates later today. Thank you for your support!

  • http://www.virtualdeziner.com sheema mahmud

    Hi Nasim, what will be the procedure of payment? CC or paypal?

    Also, I live in Dubai can I buy stuff from your link, what will be the delivery process.


    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Sheema, thank you for your support. Any form of payment works (CC or PayPal), whichever you prefer.

      As for buying equipment, I believe both B&H and Adorama ship to Dubai, but I would first check with them.

  • http://www.avidmax.com Curt Wuerflein

    Hi Nasim,

    Do you use Avantlink for your affiliate provider? If so, we would love to be your affiliate to help you out. We sell all sorts of Camera gear/accessories and are based in Denver as well. Buy the way I love your blog. It is very well done and has lot of great info.
    Thanks, Curt

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Curt, no, I have not checked Avantlink yet. Do you guys work like Viglink? I have tried Viglink before and I was quite frustrated with them, since they alter all links. I would like to continue working with B&H as the primary affiliate and I do not want any of the existing links to be touched.

      • http://www.avidmax.com Curt

        Hi Nasim,

        Viglink sounds like a very automated process. Avantlink is much more manual. You just tell what link to create and you are set. They are very straightforward and a very reputable company for affiliates. Anyways, just a thought. Thanks for all the wonderful articles.

        • http://AvantLink.com Chad Waite

          Hi Nasim,

          My name is Chad Waite with AvantLink.com- I just got a Google Alert about this comment thread and thought I’d chime in here. You’ve got a fantastic site with a lot of genuinely well-done content. I think you’d be very interested in some of the tools AvantLink offers, including what Curt was mentioning above, the Custom Link tool.

          It’s definitely not an automated process- you control everything that you choose to advertise or link to, and with very rich content like yours, I’m sure that’s probably what you’d be looking for.

          If you’d like to join AvantLink.com, just fill this network application out here: http://avantlink.com/invite/cwcf

          It’s totally free and if you’re not happy with anything, no love lost!

          Thanks and keep up the fantastic writing,

          Chad Waite

  • Mike

    Hi Nasim

    Thanks for the Amazon UK link, your site is my main photographic support tool and if by using your links I can support you and your colleagues great work I will certainly do my bit.


  • Aman

    for me supporting by buying gears from adorama , amazon or … is not possible , but as an permanent fan of you from your previous site Mansurovs.com i hope i can help you by liking and suggesting your page to my friends
    thank you

  • carl

    Nasim: I have seen a webiste (literally, only one) that has an Amazon link that one places in one’s toolbar, and thus any Amazon purchase made after clicking that link is attributed to that site. It has allowed me to support that site without feeling that I need to actually visit that site, and anything purchased from Amazon gets credited to that site. I would think that many of your loyal readers would gladly install and utilize such a link.


  • John Adams

    Nasim – You mentioned your reluctance to sell advertising on your site as a means of generating revenue. I won’t mention the name, but there is a photo site on-line I visited at the recommendation of a friend. It’s run like a club with photo contests, general picture submissions, photography comments, etc. The site is very nice but my computer security system immediately began warning me of high level attacks on my computer. I brought this up in a forum on the site only to learn this is a common occurrence since they began putting advertising on their site. I immediately stopped using the site. You’ve made a wise decision to avoid advertising on your site.