Transformation v2

Are there places you go to several times a year? If you are thinking about the next photography project, I suggest finding something interesting/unique and then coming back to the same spot at different times of the year to photograph the location. Two of the three images below were shot by accident at the Rocky Mountain National Park – I just liked the way the four trees leaned to the left and were all very unique and beautiful in their own way. I photographed the image in the middle first, then when I was at the same location in fall, I happened to photograph those four trees again. I was reviewing my images in Lightroom one day and noticed that I have two different images of the same trees – not sure how I even remembered them. Next time I visited the park in winter, I went to the same spot and took another picture (left) to add to the collection. Now I need another image in the spring and I will have a complete set :) Note that all three images were taken at different angles, which is why the backgrounds appear so different.


  • Paul

    too bad we do not have those seasons here in the philippines. what we have is dry and wet seasons only.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Paul, what about photographing the same scene when it is dry and then when it is wet? :) You might end up with a great set of images! Or perhaps you can try sunrise/sunset/dry/wet – there is always something to experiment with.

      Good luck!

  • B’Rob

    Nasim, reall y a perfect idea for a photographic project. As a ‘really-saturated-colors follower’ I really love the right version.
    I’m glad you post more often lately and I wish you are feeling better already.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      B’Rob, thank you for your feedback! I will be posting more stuff later this week :)

  • Jimmy

    I can’t seem to understand how the mountain that appears in the middle photo has disappeared in the left photo?

    • Vasan

      Jimmy, I think the one in the winter was shot very near to the ground, to get a more view of the snow. As you can see the elevation angle to the trees. And, the fall one was taken at a little higher from the ground and the summer was at the highest of the three from ground..

      so, that relatively puts the mountains down/up behind the trees… Still, It does look like it disappeared. :)

  • Vasan

    Nice shots!!!! Like how we can capture the change over time… Is it possible to merge these 3 photos into a single one, while we show the snow, summer and fall with slow gradual change in the same photo?

    like first tree in snow, second in summer and 3rd and 4th in fall… just a thought…

  • Benson

    Nice ideas and shots! Note the way that the mountains came out so different with each shot. Would make great example on how one can significantly change the feel of a photo by changing the perspective slightly.