Today Only: Get Lightroom for $69!

I have seen great specials from Adobe on Lightroom before (Christmas sale was $149) but this post-Valentine’s Day special blows anything I have seen away! Just today, you can get Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 for just $69.95 from B&H. An incredible deal, considering the regular retail price tag of $269.95. Can’t complain about the price anymore!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

While B&H does not have Lightroom in stock right now (sold out), you can still place an order and get your copy as soon as they have it back in stock, which they will very soon.

  • William Jones

    What will be upgrade cost to Lightroom 4?

    • Nasim Mansurov

      William, I do not know for sure (I do not think anybody else does), but I believe the upgrade price will be $99 for Lightroom 4, which is still a good deal.

      • Dan Ratliff

        B&H shows $134.95 today, Feb. 16 on Lightroom 3??

        • Dan Ratliff

          I guess that offer was only on the 15th, but I just got the notice today.

        • Nasim Mansurov

          Dan, the deal was only for yesterday :( Unfortunately, Google does not send out emails till 5 AM the next day and I cannot change that. If you would like to receive more periodic updates, it is best to subscribe via the form on the right sidebar of the page – that one will deliver an email instantly.

          I apologize for the communication issue…I wish I could fix Google’s feedburner system :(

  • Crystal

    Thanks. I’ve put off ordering but decided I couldn’t pass this deal up.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      You are most welcome Crystal!

  • Crystal

    Totally off subject but I was wondering if I should purchase the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G DX. I’m waiting for the Nikon D7000 to be restocked for purchase, I currently own the D3000 with kit lenses and the 50mm f/1.4G lens. I’m looking into getting more into the photography field. I’ve done portraits and weddings for friends but I’m definitely trying to upgrade all my current gear for better low light portraits and such. I love the 50mm so far except for having to stepback in close quarters. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!!

    • Marcus

      What help do you need exactly? With kit lenses do you mean the 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 and the 55-300 mm tele? Then you can of course simulate what a 35 mm will give you in terms of focus length.

      Do you want to replace your kit zoom with primes to get sharper images? If yes the 35 mm is great, IMHO. You trade the zoom for sharpness.

      Do you want to blur the background (more/better)? If yes the 35 mm is better than the kit lens, but you already suspect this.

      What portraits do you want to take? Staged ones where the subject doesn’t move or dynamic stuff where shutter speed really is important? You already have the 50 mm f/1.4G – many people would say that it is better for portraits than the 35 mm because you *can* step back a little and let your model “breathe” better. And then there is the “bokeh” quality that may be better and more consistent with the 50 mm.
      If you are on the other hand doing portraits when doing street photography or on parties then the 35 mm would be my choice on the DX format – it is nearly the same as a 50 mm on a FX body, making it a “normal” lens.

      Personally, I use it on my D7000 and love it: It’s small, light, works well and is inobtrusive. It’s not perfect but I can live with its limitations, especially considering the price.

      What limitations you ask?
      First of all it’s obviously a DX-only lens. Which means it’s not really something for FX bodies. There you would use the 50 mm f/1.4, wouldn’t you? => You would put the 35 mm into the closet and forget about it…
      Yes, you could get a D800 someday and use it like you would on your D3000 or a D7000 but that would be nothing more than a makeshift solution.
      There are also some noticeable chromatic aberrations on larger apertures but some that can be fixed in “post production”. Manual focusing is also not one of its strengths.
      It’s also not one of those beautiful full metal Zeiss lenses but the plastic casing doesn’t feel shabby (it looks a bit weird, though).

      I found the review from Thom Hogan pretty much spot on:

  • Chuck

    Thank you for the heads up about Lightroom 3. I just ordered it.
    I love your web site.

  • Roman

    I’m glad you keep track of these. Should I buy that, it would almost feel as stealing, considering how big a part of one’s everyday photography editing workflow this wonderful program can be!

    • Phil Wells

      Dont worry Roman, you’ll make up for it when you upgrade to v4 which is why they are selling v3 so cheap!

      • Roman

        The 3 remains an amazing peace of software regardless of the launch of Lightroom 4, so plenty of peaple will be very happy, and even with upgrading it’s going to be rather cheap in comparison. But yes, you have a point. :)

  • James

    Hi Nasim,

    No luck here in the UK with this deal, Iv’e checked. Still, as I am no longer a pro, (I will be 60 in March) and just take photo’s as and when it pleases me now. I’m using Adobe’s Elements 10. The noise reduction in Raw is very good.

    Love this site, and it’s nice to see a guy who is passionate about his work and about helping others. Many professional on the web want money for their advice, so it’s refreshing to see yours.

    All the very best Nasim


    • Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you for your feedback James! Too bad Adobe is not doing the same promotion in UK :(

  • Frank

    I jumped on this deal! This is going to make the upgrade to V4 much less painful. I don’t currently own any photo editing software, but I have done the 30-day trial of V3 and currently beta testing V4. If the upgrade to V4 follows Adobe pricing, we will be able to get V4 for a total of 100+70. Not bad if you ask me.
    Thanks for the heads up, Nasim!
    Hope you are recovering from you bout of pneumonia. Get Well SOON!

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you Frank!

  • Tom

    Thanks for posting this Nasim – a good deal. Learn Lightroom on the cheap in v. 3 and then upgrade to v 4.0 if you like it…

  • Martins Kikulis

    hmmm… Can’t find the $69 price via the link.. it’s $134.95 now!

    • Krishna

      Guess you and I have come to this site or gotten the email after a day…..

      Nasim, we have gotten the email late, can you please check why? I would have purchased for $69, but I cant since I got the email late.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Martins and Krishna, unfortunately the deal was only good for a day (yesterday) and I did not get an advance notice on it. The bad news is that Google sends out emails at 5 AM the next day and I cannot change it to send an email immediately, as soon as I post something. The best thing to do would be to unsubscribe from the Google email and use the form on the right side of the page instead – that one delivers emails pretty much right away…

  • Krishna

    Nasim, I clicked the Hyperlink and saw the price as $134.95 and not $69.95.

  • Phoenix

    Thanks for the heads-up Nasim. for somereason, like a few others who have posted, your email came in this morning, a day after your posting.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Phoenix, I apologize for that – Google sends out emails at 5 AM the next day and I cannot change it to send emails immediately :(

  • douglas frierott

    BUMMER!! Really wish I’d have received this email notice regarding lightroom 3 yesterday, when the special was valid – thanks anyway!!

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Sorry Douglas, please see my responses above on how to get the better feed that delivers instantly, rather than the slow Google feedburner that only does it the next day!

  • Randall


    Please help me understand something. I have been dying to upgrade to FX every since I got my d5100 because there seemed to be a great advantage in low light and perspective when compared to DX. I was hoping for a D800 with maybe 24 megapixels but now with the megapixel race in full swing the the new 36 mp D800 seems to have near the same pixel density as my d5100. Besides paying more for lenses what incentive is there now to move to full frame now? I mean my 10-24 nikon lens on gives near the same perspective as a 14-24mm lens on FX. Yes the lenses are not the same quality but they are making some great DX lenses lately. Im just trying to understand where this race is going. I mean except for professionals what incentive is there to switch to full frame? Is FX losing its advantage?


  • hamish

    Hi Nasim,
    Firstly thank you for all the work that you have put into your site. I enjoy your reviews and thoughts on all things photographic.
    Secondly thank you for the $69 Lightroom deal…I was lucky enough to get a copy.
    Finally I have just pre ordered a D800 but I am a little confused as to what size/combo sd/cf cards to buy given the size of the files being written. Any thoughts.
    Many Thanks