Thursday Eye Candy: Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland

Hello my dear Photography Life readers. I am glad to be back again after a long break! Baby Jasmine is growing fast and she is now a little more accommodating, letting her mommy do some work here and there. I hope you won’t mind the gradual transition of my persona to the world of photography and helping out my hubby, who has been too busy with his new ideas, the lens database, never-ending reviews and a slew of other things I have little idea about :)

I was browsing the net today and came across Kirsty Mitchell’s photography work. I am often mesmerized by work of those who can imagine ideas and implement them impeccably. It always pushed me to think outside of the box and strive to create something unique. I burn with an idea of doing something new but I also often give up because it seems mighty impossible. So, I decided to introduce Kirsty’s work on Photography Life to remind myself and our readers to push the envelope and do something beautifully creative. If this is not your cup of tea, at least you get to appreciate the amount of work that goes into creating such a set.

Kirsty Mitchell (12)

Kirsty’s fantasy collection is based on her childhood, precisely on her memories of her late mother’s tales she used to read to Kirsty when she was a little girl. In my opinion Kirsty’s tribute to her mother is nothing short of a fantastic and imaginative collection. While you can browse her website for yourself and see more of her work, I am posting a few that I really enjoyed looking at.

Dryad: A nymph clings to giant tree roots suspended over the river
Kirsty Mitchell (3)

Euphaeidae: A winged fairy princess amid a sea of lavender
Kirsty Mitchell (4)

Far, Far Away: A twenties style circus performer swings from a giant tree
Kirsty Mitchell (5)

Gammelyn’s Daughter: The model clutches a ship to her chest atop a heathery cushion
Kirsty Mitchell (6)

Lady of The Lake: A model emerges from a pool of lilies deep within the forest
Kirsty Mitchell (7)

Spirited Away: Blooms stand out against a snowy forest backdrop – a promise of the spring to come
Kirsty Mitchell (8)

The Beautiful Blindness of Devotion sees a painted girl with eyes closed in prayer
Kirsty Mitchell (9)

The Briar Rose is a human rambling rose appearing to grow from the stonework
Kirsty Mitchell (10)

The Faraway Tree: ethereal ships, magically lit, appear to sprout from this tree as if commanded by the queen
Kirsty Mitchell (11)

The White Queen ruling over the forest of Wonderland
Kirsty Mitchell (13)

While Nightingales Wept: a model captured running though the woods
Kirsty Mitchell (14)

The Queen’s Armada: A fantasy queen sails a fleet of the most delicate paper ships
Kirsty Mitchell (16)

The Storyteller: A reference to Kirsten’s English teacher mother, a model sits elegantly on a carpet of bluebells enveloped by books
Kirsty Mitchell (17)

I also find her post processing to be very clean and impeccable. I hope you enjoy this eye candy as much as I did!

  • Meggi Raeder

    Wow, beautiful work! Wonderful and creative ideas, impeccable work – master pieces!
    Thank you for sharing!


    • Lola Elise

      Thank you for visiting Photography Life, Meggi!

  • John Adams

    Welcome back, Lola. Stunning photographs to say the least. It’s like taking a walk through the enchanted woods. Thanks for sharing the beauty.


    • Lola Elise

      Hi John! Thank you for having me back!

  • HomoSapiensWannaBe

    Stunning! Thanks for posting and bringing her creative work to our attention.

    After seeing these vivid images, I’m going to have wild dreams and/or nightmares tonight!

    • Lola Elise

      I am glad that you enjoyed it, HomoSapiensWannaBe :)

  • Andrew

    Just incredible! Her attention to detail, and obvious commitment to an idea is just incredible!

  • Peter

    Leaving aside the fact that she is an outstanding photographer, the only remaining issue, for me, is the content of her photos. Her work has been characterized as “surreal dreamscapes” derived from her fashion photography background. I think that is an accurate description of her style and photographic discipline. It obviously appeals to many people given the fame she has attained. The emotional backdrop of her personal story also adds to the overall presentation of her work.

    • Francesco_P

      Peter, I agree with you. Great technical mastery, but sad and decadent inspiration.
      There is nothing subjective as the judgment of an artistic work. You can’t separate the inspiration and technique of the artist from the cultural background of the observer.

  • Mikhail Bezruchko

    wow… the amount of details is stunning; I see a lot of photos where everything is focused on the main subject, and that’s about it. Love the red-tinged path in ‘Spirited Away’ – even though it stands out, I think it’s ‘subtle’ in some ways. And the Storyteller… Awesome stuff!

  • Ms. Jen

    I love Ms. Mitchell’s use of color, particularly in the shades of violet/purple and green.