Yellowstone and Glacier Trip Photos

Yellowstone NP #1

Here are some photos that I decided to share with you from Yellowstone NP and Glacier NP from my trip across the Western USA. I have not done much processing on these yet, which I am hoping to do during the next few weeks. The images from Yellowstone NP are from the Nikon D5100 that I was testing – all images from my Nikon D3s were on the card that I unfortunately lost somewhere in Yosemite NP. All landscape images of Yellowstone are lost, so I only have some wildlife + wildflower shots to show.

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I had a Dream…


Do you dream of pictures? Most passionate photographers do. Some dream of a beautiful location with the right lighting, while others dream of perhaps a perfect subject in a perfect environment. Whatever the dream is, the goal is to create a unique, beautiful image that will trigger the emotions of the viewer, touching their deepest senses and ultimately creating a very positive experience – a picture worth a thousand words…

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Yellowstone: Family Fun

Family Fun #1

This is the last part of the Yellowstone trip log that I called “Family Fun”. I know my wife has a different opinion about family fun, as not every day we spent there was fun – being constantly afraid of bears (she had read too much about Grizzly attacks before we left), getting bitten by some weird flies/mosquitoes that would leave a really big bloody hole on the skin, sleeping and freezing at subzero temperatures at night and fasting on top of that, wasn’t very easy. But having lived in Colorado, where the weather could change several times a day, we quickly got used and adjusted to the new conditions. The only tough part was that our campsite didn’t have any hot water and driving for an hour to wash our dishes or to get a shower wasn’t very practical either. Nevertheless, despite all challenges and problems, we managed to survive and had a lot of fun!

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Yellowstone: Wildlife

Wildlife #1

I’ll be honest, this part of the Yellowstone tour is probably the most boring one, as I simply do not have any good pictures. I know, it is a shame and it really sucks that I couldn’t capture anything good after coming back from Yellowstone, where wildlife is abundant and all over the place.

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Yellowstone: Geysers and Hot Springs

Geysers and Hot Springs #15

This is part two of our trip log to Yellowstone. Probably some of the biggest miracles of Yellowstone are hot springs and geysers that can be found across the park. Different bacteria creates different color textures around hot springs and geysers, bringing lots of contrast and vivid color into the scene. As temperatures change, colors start changing, too, making Yellowstone a truly unique and magical place to be in at different times of the year.

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