Chrome Color Management is Finally Working

Chrome Color Management

From the day it came out, Chrome has been my favorite Internet browser. It is very fast, has plenty of integration with Google services, very few bugs and it is not heavy on resources like some other browsers. However, one of the biggest issues that I have had with it for a number of years now, was its lack of support for embedded ICC profiles on PCs with the Windows operating system. Because of this, I had to switch between Firefox (which is color managed) and Chrome when viewing websites, which was very inconvenient. And now we have great news. Finally, after the last couple of years of customer complaints, Google has now addressed this issue and fixed support for ICC profiles in its current beta version of Chrome (version 22). This means that you can safely use Chrome for viewing all photography websites and the colors will be reproduced properly.

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The Internet’s Influence On Photography – Part II


Continued from Part I…

5) Out With The Old And In With The… Old!

I find it amusing to observe that long after a technology has been declared dead, it will magically reappear after nostalgic longing causes some to reintroduce it in some form. When I first got back into photography in 2007, I came across a fellow Pittsburgher who had concocted an interesting homemade device consisting of a heavy duty cardboard tube attached to an old, beat up Kodak Duaflex TLR (twin lens reflex) camera, which was quite popular in the 50s and 60s. He attached it to one of Canon’s top DSLR and lens combos. The resulting images were grainy, heavily vignetted, filled with a variety of textures produced by the old scratched lenses, and sported a rough black border. Of course, my first thought was, “So… you bought a high end Canon DSLR and some of the best lenses in order to take pictures while focusing through a 50 year old camera bought at a yard sale for $12?” Just when we thought all those yard sale Kodak TLRs were headed for the scrap heap, thousands of photographers brought them back to life by putting them in front of some of the best DSLRs and lenses of the world. All this to take retro looking photos, which they describe as “edgy.”

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The Internet’s Influence On Photography – Part I


The digital camera revolution, in conjunction with the explosive growth of the internet has had profound changes on photography. Some changes have been dramatic, while others have been more subtle. In times of revolutionary technological changes, it is important to adjust your perspective to the new realities and contemplate just how far we have come. I will put the second part of this article online shortly.

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