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Photographing the Birds of Enchanting Sikkim

Sikkim is the second smallest state in India, lying on the lap of the mighty Himalayas, towards the north-eastern part of the country. Since the proximity of Sikkim is relatively close to my workplace, I have had a couple of chances to visit a few enchanting and secluded hamlets of...

Swarup Chatterjee: From Painter to Photographer

Why does a successful painter and graphic artist suddenly decide to toss his paints and brushes and take up photography? Well in the case of Swarup Chatterjee of Mumbai, it was two things – the challenge of expressing his imagination through a light capturing contraption, and pure laziness! (more…)

Visions of India – David Lazar

India is a land of great extremes, in a multiplicity of ways. The extreme polarity of beauty and ugliness, rich and poor, are constantly reoccurring themes. The Taj Mahal vs. the slums of Calcutta. The stunning silk brocades of Varanasi vs. the rags worn by those who weave them. You...