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Hard or Soft Graduated ND Filters? It Depends on Your Lens

One common question I see from photographers about lens filters is whether to get a hard or soft graduated neutral density filter. Which one is better? You’ve probably seen a lot of photographers recommend soft GNDs (if you can only choose one), since they’re more versatile when photographing uneven horizons.…

When to Use a Polarizer for the Best Results

Polarizers are perhaps the single most important filter for digital photographers, but you need to know how to use yours correctly if you want the best results. In this week’s video, I’ll explain everything you need to know about using polarizers to get the look you desire.

Kolari Vision 550nm Infrared Filter Review

When Ilija, owner of Kolari Vision, emailed me regarding his introduction of the 550nm infrared filter this past winter and shared some of the initial images taken with it, I was intrigued. I had used various models of Nikon DSLRs converted for infrared photography since 2007, relying primarily on the…