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Mechanical vs Electronic Shutter vs EFCS

Many cameras today, especially mirrorless cameras, let you pick between a mechanical and electronic shutter. Others - including a lot of DSLRs - have a third option called “electronic front curtain shutter” (EFCS) which is a blend between the other two types.

What is Shutter Shock and How to Mitigate It

With so many photographers using high resolution cameras in the field, I found that a number of them experience big frustrations when trying to yield critically sharp images. Unfortunately, this particular problem is very hard to nail down to the actual cause – some photographers blame their lenses, while others…

Electronic Front-Curtain Shutter Explained

A number of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras today come with an important feature called “Electronic Front-Curtain Shutter” (EFCS) or “Electronic First Shutter Curtain” (EFSC), both of which are designed to eliminate camera shake originating from the shutter mechanism of the camera (commonly known as “shutter shock”). Shutter shock is an…