• Tony Padua

    Hi Nasim, I noticed you have so far not reviewed the Sony Cyber-Shot RX 100, and you need to comment on this camera, if for no other reason than Sony is selling the RX 100 as the perfect pocket camera for the professional like yourself, when you don’t want a DSLR hanging around your neck.

    The other reason you need to do the review is because you use photography to earn a living, not like most of us out here, who will pack all the gear only when we become inspired.

    I have yet to read a review of the RX 100 which says the camera has important flaws, other than the $650 selling price. That is what I paid for my D3100, and I’m not so sure I’m getting better image quality.


  • Broke and Hungry

    Do NOT buy the Sony A350 Camera. I bought a Sony A350 only 3 years ago and it has been returned to Sony once (less than one year) to be repaired and now it has another problem and will not work! I called Sony and they told me it will cost over $250.00 to repair this time. This camera has not taken great pictures and most every shot had to be photoshopped! FINALLY, YOU CAN DO BETTER WITH ANOTHER MAKE SUCH AS CANON OR MIKON, they cost about the same as the Sony!

    • Broke and Hungry

      Spelling – Nikon