Impact Two-Light Digital Light Shed Kit Review

Do you need to take photos of small objects or products, maybe in order to sell something on E-Bay or Craigslist? You could make a white walled box out of paper or sheets, but doing so can be a bit of a hassle. What if you had a pre-assembled light shed that is easy to set up and quick to take down? The Impact Two-Light Digital Light Shed Kit is a ready to go kit to help you take product shots easier. Let’s take a look at it and its capabilities in more detail.

Impact 2-Light Digital Light Shed Kit

1) Product Information and Specifications

What’s Included:
1. Impact’s Extra Large Digital Light Shed is a high-quality, translucent cloth material housing for photographing small and medium products that can be lit with daylight, HMI, electronic flash, fluorescent, quartz and tungsten light sources.

The Light Shed can be lit from the sides, top, back, front or can be placed on a shooting table for bottom illumination. It includes a removable white, and a black plastic base, offering alternative backgrounds.

Lighting is made simple and efficient and takes less time than conventional lighting solutions. Complete portability in design with one-touch set up and breakdown. Full zipper front and zipper on top panel for digital camera lens positioning. Front panel peels back on all three sides for ease of positioning products inside.

Dimensions: 24”x24”x36” (61x61x91 cm)
Weight: 11lbs (5kg)

• Black Fabric Background
• White Fabric Background
• Translucent Base x2
• Storage Bag

Impact Digital LIght Shed

2. 2x Floodlight Reflector – 12”
3. 2x Porcelain Socket with Adjustable Umbrella Mount (500w)
The Impact Porcelain Socket with Umbrella Mount (500W) is a cost effective way to utilize a wide variety of E26 (Edison) based lamps for photo or video work. Options include simple household lamps as well as photoflood and quartz halogen bulbs. This highly versatile product has an adjustable metal mount with a 5/8″ receiver for light stands and an 8mm umbrella receptacle. The Floodlight Socket tilts and locks in place at the desired angle by grasping the stay-cool wooden handle and releasing the locking knob. Lamps up to 500W won’t melt the ceramic base which is impervious to heat. The socket also accepts screw-on reflectors of various sizes.

• High-heat ceramic socket won’t melt like plastic sockets

• Supports 500W bulbs maximum

• Wooden control handle stays cool

• Accepts screw-on aluminum reflectors

• 10′ 3-prong AC power cord with inline switch

• Built-in adjustable umbrella mount

Impact Porcelain Socket with Wooden Handle

4. 2x Air-Cushioned Light Stand (Black, 8’)
This aluminum Impact 8′ Air-cushioned Light Stand is 4-section light support with sure-twist section locks. If you forget to tighten any section with your light mounted, the light slowly descends, thanks to the air-cushioned action. This useful feature saves equipment and fingers from harm during busy photo sessions.

• Air Cushioned – Protects equipment from impact damage.

• Compact Design – Will fit easily into most location cases.

• Accepts Casters – Eases positioning of heavy lights. Available as accessories

Air-Cushioned Light Stand

5. 2x Elko-EBW Lamp (500W/120V)
The Eiko EBW Lamp (500W/120V) is a photo flood medium screw lamp that produces approximately 10,500 lumens, has an average life of 6 hours and a color temperature of 4,800K.

2) Packaging

The Light Shed itself comes in a black carrying bag with handles that although somewhat large, it is very thin so it doesn’t take up near as much room as a rigid box would. The lights, reflectors and stands come in boxes and no carrying case.

3) Handling

Setting up the Light Shed itself is a simple, take it out of the zippered case and it will open up almost by itself when unfolded. Then when done, it folds over on itself so that it is flat and can be slid back into its carrying case, similar to some car window shades or some camping tents.

The thin, white, translucent nylon material that the shed is made of allows light sources to diffuse thru softly to the subject. The light stands,reflectors and light bulbs take almost no time to assemble and provide more than ample light for the shed. While the lights included in the kit do a good job, other light sources such as daylight, strobes, or other light bulb types and strengths will work. One experience that I did have is that both of the Elko 500 watt lamps burned out within minutes of each other and while the manufacturer states that they have a 6 hour average life, my experience was that it was much less than 6 hours.

Porcelain Socket, Reflector and Bulb

The white walls have velcro and zippered windows to allow you to illuminate and shoot from almost any angle, including from the bottom. The plastic bases provided allow you to take a photo with a subtle reflection of the subject. With a couple of quick edits in Photoshop, you could even completely eliminate the shadows:

Image Sample

The black or white cloths that are included can serve as either a base or as a background.

Impact Light Shed Black Drape

4) Summary

This light shed kit makes it simple to take clean photos of small items. Gone are the days of standing on a chair or ladder and shooting down on a subject placed on white cardboard or using cardboard to make boxes and then trying to avoid or get rid of lines in the photo formed by the junctions of the walls and floors. Maybe you used sheets taped or pinned to walls. Whatever your method, this kit makes it easy and quick not only to set up and take down but to get clean photos of small items.

5) Where to Buy

B&H Photo Video sells the Impact Two-light Digital Light Shed-XL as a kit for $172.90

or separately:
Impact Digital Light Shed – XL for $63.95
Impact Air-cushioned Light Stand (Black, 8′) for $32.95 ea.
Impact Porcelain Socket with Adjustable Umbrella Mount (500W) for $24.95 ea.
ELKO EBW LAMP (500W/120V) for $5.95 ea.
Impact Floodlight Reflector – 12″ for $17.95

All Prices as of November 8, 2012

Impact Two-Light Digital Light Shed Kit
  • Features
  • Build Quality
  • Handling
  • Value
  • Size and Weight
  • Packaging and Manual

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  1. 1) Eileen
    November 19, 2012 at 6:56 am

    I’m a food blogger and have been thinking about making something homemade that will do the same thing. This seems like such a better option. Adding to my Christmas wish list!

    • Profile photo of Tom Redd 1.1) Tom Redd
      November 19, 2012 at 9:38 pm

      Eileen, you can make something similar out of poster board, but it isn’t as convenient to set up and take down or to store. This light shed makes it simple, even if a bit more expensive. Obviously, you can use strobes or other lights if you have them already – if so, just buy the light shed, itself. Thanks for reading.

  2. 2) Edward Liu
    November 19, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Thanks for the helpful link that has nothing at all to do with photography, light tents, or anything anybody reading this site would care about because they’re here reading this site, spammer!

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