Impact Reflector Panel Review

A reflector is a light shaping tool. When shooting indoors, I often like to have a reflector handy to bounce light back onto my subject. For example, if my subject is standing next to a window there is more light on one side, than the other side. A reflector is helpful to soften the contrast of the window light. Reflectors can be used to bounce studio lighting as well. This is a review for Impact’s Reflector Panel.

Impact Reflector Panel 3

1) Initial Thoughts

I love the size of this reflector. It’s quite large, 35″ x 70″ and is the perfect size for portraits. I used it length wise, and it pretty much covered the entire height of my subject. It folds up nicely for easy storage. There are two different reflective fabrics that come with it– one is white/black combination and the other is a gold/silver combination. I use the white/black combination the most, as that combo yields the most desirable results for me.

Impact Reflector Panel 1

While I occasionally have someone there to hold my reflector, I often don’t. This reflector system is perfect for those times when I don’t have an assistant available.

Impact Reflector Panel 2

However, do note, that the stand does not come with it. I used my Alien Bee heavy duty light stand to support the reflector panel system.

Impact Reflector Panel 4

2) Product Specification

Dimensions: 35 x 70″ (90 x 178 cm)
Mount: 5/8″ (16 mm)
Weight: 5.0 lb (2.26 kg)

3) Features and Construction

Included in this kit are a white/black reversible cloth, silver/gold reversible cloth, and a mounting system to attach it to a light stand. It does not come with a stand to support the reflector panel.

4) Sample Images

There was a large window to camera left, so I placed the reflector with the white side facing my subject to camera right. This scene was lit with available window light.

Impact Reflector Panel Review

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + EF50mm f/1.2L USM @ 50mm, ISO 500, 1/200, f/3.2

(I panned out to show how I had reflector panel set up — however I did move the reflector closer to my subject after a few test shots — the below shots are with the reflector just a little bit closer to subject)

(Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 50 1.2 lens — the reflector softens the contrast of the window light hitting the subject)

Impact Reflector Panel Review 2

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + EF50mm f/1.2L USM @ 50mm, ISO 500, 1/500, f/1.2

(Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 50 1.2 lens)

Impact Reflector Panel Review 3

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + EF50mm f/1.2L USM @ 50mm, ISO 500, 1/640, f/1.2

(And if you recall from my previous post, I love film and I did shoot some Fuji 400H at this shoot: Contax 645 medium format film camera with a Zeiss 80 2.0 lens)

Impact Reflector Panel Review 4


(Contax 645 medium format film camera with a Zeiss 80 2.0 lens)

Impact Reflector Panel Review 5


I used the white surface for these portraits. I don’t often like the look of the gold or the silver, so I most likely will not use that part of the kit.

5) Conclusion

I really enjoyed using the reflector panel system – it’s quite large, folds up to a compact size, and it’s nice that stands on its own (no need to an assistant to hold). I prefer it over the circle reflector that I already own because of its size (the size when in use and it size when folded up) and the fact that I can use it hands free.

6) Where to buy

The Impact Reflector Panel can be purchased at B&H Photo for $74.95.

Impact Reflector Panel
  • Features
  • Build Quality
  • Handling
  • Value
  • Size and Weight
  • Packaging and Manual

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