Impact 7″ Grid Set Review

This is a quick review of the Impact 7” Grid Set. This grid set comes with 10°, 20°, 30° and 40° grids that fit into standard 7” reflectors. I was happy to find that they work perfectly with my Alien Bees and I’m sure they would work just fine with most other lighting systems that use 7” reflectors (although they apparently don’t work with Broncolor or Profoto systems). I typically grid my lights to add a controlled splash of light on a background. I also use them when I shoot with a hair or rim light on my subject and want to avoid light spill and flare.

Impact Grid Set-1

1) Product Specifications

– Includes four 7” grids (10/20/30/40-degrees)
– Each grid has a tension spring to ensure a tight fit in the reflector
– Each grid has a tab specifying the grid size, which is also used to remove the grid from the reflector

2) Packaging and Field Use

The first thing I noticed about this grid set was that the 40° grid was packaged in a different box than the rest of the grids. It’s box is a sturdy brown cardboard while the rest are packaged in flimsy white cardboard boxes. If all of the boxes were made of the sturdy brown cardboard, they would be perfect for storage and transportation. Instead, you’ll probably want to find an alternate way to store your grids when they’re not in use so that they don’t get damaged.

Impact Grid Set-8

Once I removed the grids from the boxes, I was happy to find that they all look and feel great and appear to have an excellent build quality. They are all clearly labeled so that it’s easy to choose the correct grid quickly. I set up my lighting, popped in a grid and started shooting!

Impact Grid Set-2

3) Samples

Here are some examples of the grids in use:

10-degree grid
Impact Grid Set-3

20-degree grid
Impact Grid Set-4

30-degree grid
Impact Grid Set-5

40-degree grid
Impact Grid Set-6

No grid
Impact Grid Set-7

And a sample headshot:
Impact Grid Set-9

For this headshot, I used the 20-degree grid mounted on a separate strobe placed behind my subject. Notice the subtle splash of light on the background. Without the grid, the background would have been washed out, but without the light it would have appeared almost black.

4) Summary

The Impact 7” Grid Set is a simple and inexpensive light modifier that you can add to your studio lighting setup. The variety of grids gives you the flexibility to direct light precisely where you need it. I find myself using them with my Alien Bees for almost every photo shoot I do in the studio. I plan on them giving me years of quality service.

5) Pricing and Where to Buy

The Impact 7” Grid Set is priced at $88.99 and is available at B&H Photo Video.

Impact 7″ Grid Set
  • Build Quality
  • Handling
  • Value
  • Size and Weight
  • Packaging and Manual

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  • patrick

    Excellent review! I hope you also write a review on AlienBees AB400 and AB800 strobes. Thank you!

  • John Bosley

    Thanks, Patrick! One of these days I might just do a review of the AlienBees strobes. Good suggestion!

  • Nawaz SP

    Hi John, I’ve recently acquire the Alien Bees B800 to couple with the Nikon SB 910.

    As far as am in a studio situation the setup works great however outdoor I have one trouble I don’t have a portable battry. Do you know any vagabond alternative.

    If I need to order the vagabond shipping will cost me more than the vagabond. Will be nice to have a revie of the alien bees.

    • John Bosley

      Hi Nawaz. Unfortunately, I don’t know of an alternative to a Vagabond. I don’t actually have one or use one, so I’m sorry I’m not much help. I have seen examples of people building their own. It’s supposed to be a lot cheaper, but I’m not sure how comfortable you’d be with such a thing. It’s definitely not an option for everyone.

      I’m not sure if you were looking at the Vagabond Mini Lithiums, but they are very lightweight and inexpensive. Hopefully the shipping on those would be a lot more reasonable. Good luck!