Portrait and Wedding Photography Tips

This page contains a list of articles we have published in the past for aspiring photographers that want to turn into professionals and professional photographers that want to learn some advanced techniques on wedding photography. We hope that these wedding photography tips will help you in becoming a better photographer and help you succeed in your business.

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Portrait Photography Tips:

  1. Shooting with Natural Light
  2. How to Photograph Family Portraits
  3. Portrait Photography Tips
  4. How to Photograph High School Seniors
  5. How to Use a Reflector
  6. How to Plan a Photo Shoot
  7. Winter Photography Tips
  8. Street Photography Tips for Beginners
  9. How to Use Prime Lenses in Low-Light Environments
  10. The Significance of Depth, Background and Color in Storytelling
  11. How to Photograph Children
  12. The Sin, the Evil, the Horror of Direct Sunlight
  13. How to Deal with Harsh, Midday Lighting

Wedding Photography Tips:

  1. How to Photograph Engagement Sessions – Planning
  2. How to Photograph Wedding Details
  3. How to Work with the Groom
  4. How to Use Instagram for Your Photography Business
  5. Time Saving Tips for Wedding Photographers
  6. Synchronize Your Cameras
  7. Brenizer Method Panorama
  8. Hiring a Second Shooter for Wedding Photography
  9. Have fun while working
  10. The significance of depth, background and color in storytelling
  11. Tips on photographing wedding formals and group portraits
  12. Shooting a wedding with an entry-level DSLR
  13. How Much is too Much?
  14. Nikon 50mm f/1.8G for Wedding Photography
  15. Nikon D800/D800E for Wedding Photography
  16. Best Nikon Lenses for Wedding Photography
  17. Popular Lens Combinations for Wedding Photography