Please Welcome John “Verm” Sherman!

Don’t you love it when someone that shares your passion and dream joins you in pursuit of sharing knowledge with the rest of the world? Today we are happy to announce yet another amazing photographer join our ranks – John “Verm” Sherman. As you have already seen from his amazing and funny posts, John is truly passionate about photography, particularly wildlife photography. Please give a warm welcome to John! Below is his favorite photos, along with his bio.

John Sherman Bear

Friends call me Verm and I got hooked on photography in 1973 while in eighth grade. My first camera had thread-mount lenses and was so dumb it couldn’t even focus itself. Heck, it didn’t even have an exposure meter.

Common Blackhawk Moonrise

Two Bighorn rams pose for their portrait; Eastern Arizona.

Back then I dreamed of becoming a landscape photographer, first in the style of Ansel Adams, then as more teen hormones kicked in, à la Edward Weston when I realized that when not shooting landscapes or nature abstracts he was getting women to strip naked and not just for his camera. Alas the Weston dream didn’t materialize right away so instead I became a geologist who spent his time staring at rocks through a microscope.

Brown Pelican

GBH sunset Fort De Soto

As well I got hooked on rock climbing, anti-inflammatories and crutches. I did lots of photography and writing for climbing magazines in the 80s and early 90s before burning out (on magazine and catalog work, not climbing). Disillusioned with the rise of digital imaging, I rarely picked up a camera for the next decade but regained my fotomojo in the last half-decade due in part to my relationship with Flagstaff photographer and climber Dawn Kish.

God rays Estero Lagoon

Magnolia leaf detail Red River Gorge

I resist shooting people unless they’re climbing or doing something embarrassing, so instead I focus my camera on the rock formations I scale and their surroundings. I also find that the hundreds of stormbound hours I spent staring at patterns in the ripstop nylon of my tent honed my eye well for shooting abstracts. In 2011 my photograph took on a scary dimension when I made the mistake of borrowing a 1960-vintage manual focus 600mm lens for a trip to the wetlands near Yuma. With that big glass strapped to my camera I discovered what an amazing, beautiful, frustrating, difficult, addictive and unprofitable subject birds were to photograph.

Sanderling Mustang Island

Tri-colored Heron Mustang Island

With my nature photography I strive to bring attention to the plight of endangered nature photographers around the globe, especially me; and how for just ten dollars a day you can keep me in passable single malt while I make sweet magic with my camera to share with the world. Thank you for reading, and please give till it hurts.

Big Bend

Mushrooms - Red River Gorge


Verm with Lens

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    I love the tongue-in-cheek approach right alongside the serious work of a photographer. Welcome to the flickhouse. :)

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    Verm, another hilarious entry. Thanks. Looking forward to more information and instructional articles from you and will get out there and try to reproduce your work if I can get my electric scooter to go over the rocks. LOL Just kidding. Keep them coming.

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