PL Landscape Photography Video Course Is Here!

Our team at Photography Life would like to begin by wishing Happy Holidays to our readers all around the world! Thank you for all your support, and we are excited to say that we have a huge announcement today, which many people have been asking us about for months. With festivities in the air, we are happy to announce that our first “Level 3” video tutorial — the Landscape Photography Course — is now available! If the end of the year is stirring your excitement for photography, we hope this comprehensive guide will be the perfect place to start.

Update: Due to numerous requests from our readers, the sale has been extended until January 31, 2018.

1) Why the Landscape Photography Course: Level 3 Exists

Two years in the making, this video is the culmination of countless hours of work from the Photography Life team. While filming, John Bosley, Spencer Cox, and I survived sleepless nights, overloaded backpacks, and an unexpected bear encounter — all to create a truly in-depth resource for teaching landscape photography.

The Landscape Photography Course is our most advanced video guide yet. We cover everything that matters for landscape photography, from the technical to the creative, with the highest possible standards of accuracy every step of the way. Although we made sure that the content is accessible for any photographer, the reason this course gets the “Level 3” designation is because it goes into more depth and detail on landscape photography.

John’s behind the camera this time, with Spencer and I as your instructors. Here is the official trailer, including sample clips to demonstrate the type of content we cover:

The course is $149, with a launch discount of $99. We also have a full guarantee to refund your money if you don’t find that the video meets your needs. Hopefully, this demonstrates how much confidence we have in the quality of information it teaches.

2) Structure and Content

This course is just over 9 hours long. More than half takes place in the field, or post-processing in the studio. Perhaps the most important part of the course is the case study section, which includes five separate studies and totals 3 hours and 45 minutes. This section demonstrates how we capture our top photos, starting in the field and continuing into every post-processing step. You’ll also have access to our RAW files so that you can edit along with us.

Case study image from the video course.

The content builds from start to finish in a way that flows naturally, but you’re free to skip sections or jump ahead if there is a particular topic you’re after. After purchasing and downloading the video, you’ll have access to:

With all of this included, it should be clear that our goal for this course is to provide you with every resource you need in order to master landscape photography. This is one of the most in-depth landscape photography tutorials available anywhere.

Case study image from the video course.

Here is the chapter-by-chapter outline of the guide, along with the length of each video:

Equipment and Technique

Creative Landscape Photography

Advanced Steps

Case Studies


Case study image from the video course.

3) Potential Questions

Can I download the course to watch offline?

Absolutely! We created this course with offline viewing in mind, since many of the best landscapes are in an area without WiFi or cell coverage. We want you to be able to reference the Landscape Photography Course when you’re out in the field, so we decided upon the download method rather than streaming.

What if my internet connection is slow, or I want a smaller version to download?

This is a common question from our prior courses. If this happens to be your situation, no worries — we’re offering two separate versions of the Landscape Photography Course for you to download, depending upon your storage limitations. The higher-definition version takes up 13 GB (1080p), while the smaller version takes up 8 GB (720p). Both of them look good. The larger version is preferable if you have the space, but the small version is ideal for phones, tablets or laptops while you travel (you can download both, and don’t have to choose). Also, we’re selling the course on USBs as well, which we can ship to you if your Internet connection is slow.

What if I have second thoughts?
If you purchase the course and later realize that you don’t want it, we’ll refund the price, regardless of the reason. Maybe you didn’t find it useful, or perhaps you never had time to watch it in the first place. No matter what, we don’t want you to pay for this video unless you know it was worth the money.

Other questions?
If you have questions about the Landscape Photography Course, you are welcome to leave a comment below. Or, if you have questions after buying the video, you can email us at any time for questions and requests.

Case study image from the video course.

4) Purchase the Landscape Photography Course: Level 3

Hopefully, this course will be a valuable addition to your landscape photography skills, providing all the resources you need in order to take your work to another level. The price is $149, with a holiday discount of $99 (expiring January 1st at 11:59pm ET, now extended until January 31, 2018). You can purchase it here:

P.S. To celebrate the launch, we have discounted all current courses and bundles in our Shop.

Thank you, and once again, Happy Holidays! Our readers are why we can create long-term projects like this, and we hope to do many more in the future.