Photography Tips for Beginners

This page contains a collection of articles we have written for those who are just getting into photography. These photography tips for beginners should hopefully help our readers to enhance their knowledge of photography and get the best out of their equipment.

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Photography gear and how to buy it:

  1. What is a DSLR?
  2. DSLR vs Point and Shoot
  3. DSLR vs Mirrorless
  4. How to Buy a DSLR Camera
  5. Which Nikon DSLR to Buy First?
  6. Why Are Some Lenses So Expensive?
  7. How to Buy Used Lenses
  8. How to Buy Used DSLR Cameras
  9. Why You Should Only Buy From Authorized Dealers
  10. Beware of buying camera gear from unauthorized sellers
  11. The Perks of Switching Camera Systems
  12. Nikon vs Canon vs Sony
  13. Where to Buy a DSLR
  14. Must-have DSLR Accessories
  15. How to Choose and Buy a Tripod for a DSLR Camera
  16. How to Use a Tripod
  17. What is Arca-Swiss Quick Release System?
  18. Which Nikon Prime Lens to Buy First?
  19. First Nikon DSLR and Lens
  20. Nikon Lens Abbreviations
  21. Canon Lens Abbreviations
  22. Sigma Lens Abbreviations
  23. Fuji Lens Abbreviations
  24. Sony Lens Abbreviations
  25. Nikon DSLR Error Messages
  26. How to fix blinking “Err” error on new Nikon DSLR Cameras
  27. Best Nikon lenses for Wedding Photography
  28. Best Nikon lenses for Landscape Photography
  29. Best Nikon lenses for Wildlife Photography
  30. Best Nikon Lenses for Food Photography
  31. Things to Do After Buying a New Lens
  32. Diseases that Plague Photographers
  33. Micro Four Thirds vs DSLR Camera Considerations

Cleaning and maintaining camera gear:

  1. How to Wet Clean your DSLR Sensor in Less Than 5 Minutes (video tutorial)
  2. How to Clean DSLR Sensor and Keep Your Camera Gear Clean (video tutorial)
  3. How to Clean SLR Camera Lenses
  4. What to Do with Dust Inside Lens
  5. How to Store Memory Cards
  6. Dead vs Stuck vs Hot Pixels
  7. Do Filters Affect the Resolution of Lenses?
  8. Not All Lens Filters Are The Same
  9. Camera Maintenance: Is Proactive Maintenance Worth It?
  10. Nikon Quality Control Issues

Camera-specific settings:

  1. Recommended Nikon D750 Settings
  2. Recommended Nikon D810 Settings
  3. Recommended Nikon D800 / D800E Settings
  4. Recommended Nikon D600 / D610 Settings
  5. Recommended Nikon D7100 Settings
  6. Recommended Canon 6D Settings
  7. Recommended Canon 7D Mark II Settings
  8. Recommended Sony A6000 Settings

Understanding basics of photography:

  1. Understanding ISO – A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Understanding Aperture – A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Understanding Shutter Speed – A Beginner’s Guide
  4. Exposure Stops in Photography – A Beginner’s Guide
  5. Understanding Digital Camera Modes
  6. Understanding Metering and Metering Modes
  7. Understanding ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture – A Beginner’s Guide
  8. Underexposure and Overexposure – a Beginner’s Guide
  9. DSLR Autofocus Modes Explained
  10. How Phase Detection Autofocus Works
  11. Prime vs Zoom Lenses
  12. The Versatility of Prime Lenses
  13. Nikon AE-L / AF-L Button
  14. Focus and Recompose Technique
  15. What is White Balance?
  16. Understanding Histograms in Photography
  17. What is Crop Factor?
  18. What is Reciprocal Rule in Photography?
  19. Nikon DX vs FX
  20. Using Nikon DX Lenses on FX Cameras
  21. How to Spot Dust on Your DSLR Sensor


  1. What is Composition in Photography?
  2. The Rule of Thirds
  3. The Importance of Straightening the Horizon and Aligning Lines
  4. Creating and Using Leading Lines
  5. Open and Closed Composition
  6. Balance in Photography
  7. Negative Space in Photography
  8. Central Composition is Brilliant
  9. Using Foreground Elements to Create Added Depth
  10. The Magic of “7” in Composition
  11. Improving Eye Flow by Creating Corner Exits
  12. Composition in Photography: Assignment Discussion
  13. Improve Your Photography
  14. Explore the Edges

Other Photography Tips

  1. How to Fix Light Leaks in Long Exposure Photography
  2. Macro Photography Tutorial
  3. Macro Photography Lighting Tutorial
  4. Introduction to Black and White Nature Photography
  5. How to Photograph Cathedrals
  6. How to Focus Stack Images
  7. How to Photograph the Milky Way
  8. How to Photograph Cemeteries and Explore Their Beauty
  9. How to Deal with Harsh, Midday Lighting
  10. Introduction to Image Cropping
  11. What is an Extension Tube?
  12. Introduction to Street Portrait Photography
  13. Street Photography Tips for Beginners
  14. How to Photograph Food with a Camera Phone
  15. Food Photography Tips: Introduction
  16. Tips on Photographing Food Outdoors
  17. How to Use a Monopod
  18. Maximizing Dynamic Range
  19. Photoshop vs Lightroom
  20. What is Photography Workflow?
  21. Lens Filters Explained
  22. What is Bokeh?
  23. How to Obtain Maximum Bokeh
  24. How to Take Good Pictures
  25. How to Take Sharp Photos
  26. Landscape Photography Guide
  27. Must-Have Filters for Landscape Photography
  28. Using Telephoto Lenses for Landscape Photography
  29. Panoramic Photography Howto
  30. How to Take Black and White Pictures
  31. Low-Light Photography Tips
  32. How to use a Polarizer
  33. How to Photograph Clouds
  34. How to Photograph a Rainbow
  35. Mountain Photography Tips
  36. Nature Photography Tips
  37. HDR Photography Tutorial
  38. HDR Panoramic Photography Tutorial
  39. How to Photograph Textures
  40. How to Photograph Waterfalls
  41. How to Photograph the Moon
  42. How to Photograph the Supermoon
  43. How to Photograph a Lunar Eclipse
  44. How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse
  45. How to Photograph Fireworks
  46. How to Photograph a Lightning
  47. How to Find Total Shutter Actuations on Nikon and Canon DSLRs
  48. Bokeh on Point and Shoot Cameras
  49. Focal length comparison on Nikon DX (1.5 crop factor) cameras
  50. Nikon Lens Bokeh Performance
  51. First Nikon Lens?
  52. How to Update Firmware on Nikon DSLR

Case Study series:

  1. Case Study: Shooting NYC Skyline
  2. Case Study: Skin Color Problems
  3. Case Study: Image Spots and Streaks
  4. Case Study: Bird Photography
  5. Case Study: Image Quality
  6. Case Study: Exposure at Night
  7. Case Study: Night Shot

Photography FAQ series:

  1. Photography FAQ #1
  2. Photography FAQ #2
  3. Photography FAQ #3
  4. Photography FAQ #4
  5. Photography FAQ #5

Hardware and software tips/reviews:

  1. Basic Image Backup Tips for Beginners
  2. Cloud Storage for Photographers
  3. How to Recover Deleted Photographs From Memory Cards
  4. What is EXIF Data?
  5. How to remove EXIF Data?
  6. How to Organize Pictures
  7. DNG vs RAW format
  8. How to view DNG thumbnails in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  9. RAW vs JPEG format
  10. Nikon RAW (NEF) Codec for 64 bit Vista or Windows 7

Color Management:

  1. How to Calibrate Your Monitor
  2. What is a 30-bit Photography Workflow?
  3. Best Monitor for Photography
  4. Is your Browser Color-Managed?
  5. How to Properly Calibrate Dell U2413 / U2713H / U3014 Monitors


  1. Is it Worth Buying a Large Format Printer?

Building and Maintaining a Photography Blog:

  1. How to Create a Photography Blog – Part 1
  2. How to Create a Photography Blog – Part 2
  3. How to Create a Photography Blog – Part 3
  4. How to Create a Photography Blog – Part 4


  1. Know Your Rights as a Photographer!
  2. Know Thy Rights: Photography Abroad