Upper and Lower Rines Lakes

Upper and Lower Rines Lakes #1

Photo Spot Summary

Country: United States

Category: Landscape

State: Mississippi

City: Lucedale

GPS Latitude: 30.812895

GPS Longitude: -88.732224


Upper and Lower Rines Lakes are located in the Pascagoula River Wildlife Management Area in Southern Mississippi. From MS-63, head west on MS-26 to E Wilkerson Ferry Rd. Continue on E Wilkerson Ferry Rd until you see the Wildlife Management Area sign. A couple of hundred yards past the sign, you will see a gravel road on your left. Turn here and follow the road into the lakes. Make sure you sign in and out of the area. You will need to purchase a $15 Mississippi Wildlife Management Area permit. These permits are not available at the Lakes and must be purchased ahead of time from any Walmart.

Photo Spot Details

Upper and Lower Rines Lakes are oxbow lakes formed from meandering channels of the Pascagoula River. Beautiful bald cypress and water gum trees, dripping with Spanish moss, surround the lakes. For landscape photos the best time to visit is in the fall, when the cypress needles change from green to brilliant gold. The needles contrast beautifully against their dark grey bark and the moss.

The area is also full of birdlife, and is a great spot to find warblers, vireos and other songbirds during spring migration (April and early May) as well as egrets and herons throughout the year.

This area is full of photography potential, from landscapes and wildlife to close-up shots. I always bring a macro lens with me, as there are so many details to photograph. A 24-70mm wide-angle lens is a must for reflections, and overall views of the lakes. For wildlife, bring your longest lens. I use an 80-400mm, which gives me lots of flexibility. Don’t forget a sturdy tripod to maximize sharpness in your images.

Photo Tips

Don’t forget to look for tiny details among the larger vistas of the lakes. Vines, water plants, leaves and insects make great macro subjects. Get down low to the water to get some wonderful reflections of the fall color. Go abstract! Take reflections in the rippled surface of the lakes.

Upper and Lower Rines Lakes #2

Upper and Lower Rines Lakes #3

Upper and Lower Rines Lakes #4

Upper and Lower Rines Lakes #5

Upper and Lower Rines Lakes #6

Upper and Lower Rines Lakes #7

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth grew up in Vancouver, on the beautiful West Coast of Canada. In 2012 she relocated to Houston Texas for two years and then moved to Gautier, Mississippi in July of 2014 for another three years. Now back in Vancouver, Elizabeth runs photography workshops and teaches many aspects of photography. Her areas of interest are widespread and include street, wildlife, nature, architecture, macro and long exposures. She is particularly passionate about black and white images. You can see more of her work on her website at www.photographybyelizabethgray.com or on Instagram at photosbyelizabethgray


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good information thank you very much
Can you help me with a question?
Which Walmart is the place to buy an access permit?
Can I rent a kayak or canoe on the lake?


beautiful place and shots. Will visit. thanks for the details!