Staatspark Karlsaue

Staatspark Karlsaue Kassel #2

Photo Spot Summary

Country: Germany

Category: Landscape

City: Kassel

GPS Latitude: 51.304207

GPS Longitude: 9.495153


The Staatspark Karlsaue with the mansion Orangerie is located near the city center of Kassel. If you don't mind about a 10 minute-walk, you can reach it quite comfortable by foot from the pedestrian area of the central shopping mall past the Staatstheater. Otherwise take a taxi. All locals are able to tell you the way.

Photo Spot Details

The Auepark with the baroque Orangerie, a little mansion built in 1702, is an extensive park in the center of Kassel, with a lake and two water ditches. The Orangerie incorporates a historic astronomical-physical exhibition with a planetarium. At the other end of the park is the Blumeninsel Siebenbergen located. A tiny isle surrounded by a lake with plenty of flowers, plants and trees. Especially in spring it’s an eye candy.

Staatspark Karlsaue Kassel #1
Nikon DSLR + 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 85mm, ISO 250, 1/125, f/18.0

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