St. Gerasimos Christian Church

St. Gerasimos Christian Church #2

Photo Spot Summary

Country: Greece

Category: Travel

City: Santorini

GPS Latitude: 36.393154

GPS Longitude: 25.461510


This is probably one of the most photographed churches in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located at Thira the main town of Santorin which is the most beautiful greek island for me. The church just sits at the edge of the cliff line at the west coast of the main island of the archipelago. Thira is a small city where you can easily walk through to find more than a dozen photogenic spots all around the town. White houses and blue roofs are representative for the architecture of the greek islands and its highlights are definitely found at Santorin. Here are the coordinates 36.423307, 25.428586

Photo Spot Details

We traveled to Santorini in October 2008 and were intrigued by the beauty of this beautiful island. Everything at Santorini seems to originate from a painting. The island is a place to relax and to chill. If you can afford to rent one of the rooms at the more expensive hotels at the cliff line don´t hesitate to do so. You will never forget the dramatic sunsets and the fantastic views over the archipelago. The photo shown has been taken in the late morning sun Oct, 11th at 10:25 a.m. To bring out the vivid colors I would always prefer to shoot in direct sunlight at Santorini. Because of the white houses all around there are almost no deep shadows. Everything is shining and beaming.

Originally, we did not intend to photograph almost every second of our holidays but with such a surrounding you cannot help but take pictures :-)

St. Gerasimos Christian Church #1
NIKON D300 + 24-70mm f/2.8 @ 36mm, ISO 200, 1/250, f/9.0

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