Shaba Game Reserve

Shaba Game Reserve

Photo Spot Summary

Country: Kenya

Category: Landscape

City: Buffalo Springs

GPS Latitude: 0.637859

GPS Longitude: 37.882233


Fly into Nairobi's Jomo Kenyata Interenational Airport. Get a connection flight out of Wilson airport into Buffalo Springs. Your camp will organise to have have you picked up from the airstrip. Ideally book in advance through are outed (There are all kinds!) tour operator. We use Gamewatchers Safaris. You could also drive from Nairobi. Its a 4-5 hour drive on decent road and most of the way, the scenery is beautiful.

Photo Spot Details

While Shaba game reserve is famous for wildlife (it abuts buffalo Springs and Samburu National Park), I have chosen to share with you a landscape. This is a reserve that encloses vast fields of what were once rivers of lava. The volcanic terrain has a stark rugged beauty. The game drives are not for the weak backed – but if you can take the rugged, there is a sense of peace and beauty that comes after every storm – in this case the long ago volcano. We stayed at Joy’s camp. This is of Joy Adamson of the Born Free / Living Free / Forever Free fame – Elsa the lioness fame. It was under the very trees where the camp now is that Ms. Adamson herself camped and was ultimately murdered. There have been storms of many kinds in this land…


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