Sabrina Basin, North Lake

North Lake - Sabrina Basin

Photo Spot Summary

Country: United States

Category: Landscape

State: California

City: Bishop

GPS Latitude: 37.231960

GPS Longitude: -118.612839


From Bishop, CA drive up highway 168 towards Bishop Canyon. After about 18 miles turn right onto North Lake Rd, after about another mile you'll reach North Lake. Small parking is available just before you'll reach the lake, with larger overflow parking, further down the road, on the opposite side.

Photo Spot Details

Last few weeks of September, when Fall colors are at their peak make this place as beautiful as beautiful gets. “A Morning in Paradise” someone once said. Make sure you’l get there before the sunrise so you have plenty of time to find your best spot, set up and enjoy the grand view.

It’s hard to find a bad sunrise in Sierras, but this place, along with Fall colors and morning light makes it incredible. East bank of the lake, a bit higher up, above the shore is my favorite spot. No elbow fights for a tripod there :)

North Lake - Sabrina Basin #3

North Lake is very close to Lake Sabrina, so check it out as well, once you’re there.

North Lake - Sabrina Basin #2


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