Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse


Photo Spot Summary

Country: United States

Category: Architecture

State: North Carolina

City: Manteo

GPS Latitude: 35.908207

GPS Longitude: -75.668289


Follow the Google Maps directions which will lead you to a free, public parking lot. Once parked simply walk out onto the dock and you can head right up to the lighthouse.

Photo Spot Details

The Roanoke Lighthouse is a decommissioned screw-pile lighthouse. A very unique style, looking more like a cottage than a typical pillar-style lighthouse. The coastal dock and walk-up dock provide a number of vantage points, but in my opinion a dead-on shot is the most dramatic. Be sure to spend some time before or after in the nice little town of Manteo, which is walkable from the parking lot.

Best Times & Gear

The lighthouse is west-facing, which means it will be silhouetted on a sunrise shot, and illuminated by a sunset shot. This shot was taken during sunrise so a bit of dodging was done to even the exposure. I’d recommend a stormy sunset for a promising first time shooting this location. Be sure to get there early so you can setup dead-center before someone else. A dead-center shot can only accommodate one photographer so if someone is already setup then take some angled shots from the coastal dock.


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