Redang Marine Park

Redang Marine Park #1

Photo Spot Summary

Country: Malaysia

Category: Travel

City: Kuala Terengganu

GPS Latitude: 5.745581

GPS Longitude: 103.001572


This location is pretty much limited to those who stay in Redang Island resorts or hotels. There will be daily trips to this Marine Park for travellers to enjoy. It has amazing pristine beaches and clear blue water for those beach photo lovers.

Photo Spot Details

Since the trip is very limited by the time and number of guests allowed, it is pretty much betting on your luck and chances whether you could visit this on a clear day, unless you really want to spend big cash to have your own private boat. Staying on the island is impossible (no accommodations available/allowed), so sunrise and sunsets in somewhat unlikely. This is one of the best spot for underwater photography, but due to limited gears, the beach is still amazing to capture.

Due to numbers of travellers around, consider walking north-east of the jetty for less people in vicinity and better shots.

Redang Marine Park #2
NIKON D90 + 11-16mm f/2.8 @ 11mm, ISO 320, 1/1000, f/7.1

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