Best Cityscape Photography Spots - Page 5

London Skygarden

To get to the rooftop you need to book in advance (google London Skygarden) but it's free. You can't take tripods up, but other than that you can pretty much do what you like. (more…)

Marina Bay Sands Casino and Hotel

This is a fantastic place to take in the night citylights of Singapore. It's photography friendly, tripod use is allowed. I used a concrete ledge on the river bank. (more…)

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe has sweeping views over all of Paris. Once you get to the top you'll find that it's a huge open air visitor platform. There's no time limit on how long you can stay in, either. (more…)

Singapore Central Business District

Singapore is very photography friendly. Tripod use is allowed. I used a concrete ledge at the edge of the river, getting over the railing (may not be allowed). I went manual: f/13, 30s, ISO 100, Manual focus set to infinity, IR remote shutter release.

Tower Bridge

The idea of this shot came to me while we were in one of the boat cruises that operates from Embankment to Northern Greenwich over the river Thames. The river cruises were also one of the biggest attractions in the area and you need to make a note of their…

Camboriu Rock Dock

It's easy to see the beauty of a big city, but to capture that "magic" you must take your time and find a good spot. A lot of the city's surrounding area of Santa Catarina district in Brazil, deep in the South of the country is also really beautiful. In…

Twin Peaks

You can enjoy photographing the Bay Area from the two tallest peaks named "Twin Peaks". At 925 feet elevation, you can get a great view of downtown San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Golden Bridge (only the tips) and many other famous locations. Twin Peaks are a world famous attraction, drawing hundreds,…