Best Cityscape Photography Spots

Monuments at the National Mall

I know this may be a redundant post but just wanted to throw in my photos of the National Mall. I don't think you can ever get enough of the National Mall and all of its glories. Tripods are allowed in all areas of the National Mall except for the...


Sunset just outside of the old town in Istanbul with an old train station to the left and multiple mosques visible in the background as the sun sets. Scenic and peaceful in what can be a hectic city.

Tidal Basin

Needless to say, Tidal Basin during the Cherry Blossom Festival gets very VERY crowded. Best time to photograph would be around 7 AM during a weekday, when DC residents are working and tourists are asleep. Tripods are allowed but actual use may be challenging if you go during a peak...

Denver Skyline

I have been in search of good location to shoot Denver Skyline with Mountains/Sunsets and found this place when I was shooting birds in City Park from a fellow photographer. The stair top gives you nice vantage point, I noticed if you could go in the museum there is a...

Marina Bay

The affluent business area of the city state of Singapore. You get to photograph various landmarks including the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, Art & Science Museum, Singapore Flyer all within a few minutes walk. Don't forget to be around the Merlion in the evening when the beautiful laser lights illuminate...

Manhattan View from Brooklyn Bridge Park

I’ve so enjoyed playing around with night photography lately. However, I’ve learned that finding a photogenic scene without construction, ugly wires, ugly buildings or other aesthetics impediments have been more difficult than I thought. (more…)

Sunset from Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is accessible for motor cars from the Brooklyn entrances of Tillary/Adams Streets, Sands/Pearl Streets, and Exit 28B of the eastbound Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. In Manhattan, motor cars can enter from either direction of the FDR Drive, Park Row, Chambers/Centre Streets, and Pearl/Frankfort Streets. Pedestrian and bicycle access to...

Burj Khalifa

The photo was taken from the topmost observation deck looking towards the glorious fountains. It was taken at around 7pm local time, when the sun had just set giving it a lovely blueish hue. The lights were just about being turned on. (more…)

Calgary Skyline

There a number of spots to get a better view of Calgary Skyline and Tom Campbell Hill is just one of them and each spot offers a different angle. In Fall, the moon rises right on top of the Skyline providing drama and emotion to the image.


Cheonggye stream (Cheonggyecheon) is a revitalized stream/river that was once paved over during the rapid development of Seoul after the Korean War. After relocating the multiple merchants who have previously occupied the space, the area was restored to offer an escape from the bustle of city life for the citizens...