Piha Beach Area


Photo Spot Summary

Country: New Zealand

Category: Landscape

City: Piha

GPS Latitude: -36.958538

GPS Longitude: 174.468079


When you are in Auckland Head West To Tititangi then follow the signs west to Piha Beach. Warning : this get to be a tight winding narrow road so be careful.

Photo Spot Details

Piha is the premier West Coast surf beach in Auckland. The shot below is in every body book that visits the place a view from when you first see the bay after the very winding road in. Here you can have a lot of fun lots of tracks in the area I would recommend to go to the climb to KiteKite falls (sorry its a vertical shot) at the right when you first get to the bottom of the road down from the top.

Take a tripod and ND filter with you as well you have a table you can view the falls from so you don’t need a huge tripod. the creek up is well worth a look as well and to walk to the base of the falls. Nice wide track almost wheel chair to the top but i would say a bit too steep to the falls view but certainly to the river and forest.

Don’t forget the locals (Tui) they will come as see you and if you walk about quite enough you can even find the pigeon on the side of the track found a lot this trip came home with some stunning photos.

NIKON D600 @ 120mm, ISO 320, 1/1250, f/5.0

It can get a bit rough out here I was in the end of a storm the umbrella was carried away so I had to put the camera in a plastic bag and put my side to the rain. Always in NZ I would prepare for rain. It is not a green country for no reason a simple clear plastic bag and rubber band works wonders and replace lens cap between shots. The southern end you are looking at has some striking rock formations, far right is one called The Nun. You can get lost here for a whole day if you get out of your car and walk about. If you get a nice fine day this is a very busy place with surfers and families. A word of warning this is a black sand beach and it get very hot in the mid day sun in summer. If you are in Auckland i would recommend a visit to the west coast  now the road is sealed all the way. You will use all the lens you own here i did on the fine day but kept it to one on the wet day in the plastic bag.

NIKON D600 @ 120mm, ISO 100, 1/200, f/9.0

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