Photo Spots Archive - Page 2

Pulpit Rock

Any time is good to photograph this location - however it is not easily accessible at high tide. Sunrise and sunset seem to be the favoured times for photographers to visit when the tide is low, enabling long exposures over the rocky platform. (more…)

Angelo Rotta Bank

For a frontal shot of the Houses of Parliament, the best spot is just across the river (Batthyany tér underground stop on Line 2, or Halasz utca if you're looking for a parking spot). There's a promenade all along the Buda side, so you have a lot of options to...

Black Creek Trail

This spot is an absolutely amazing spit to go as a beginner to help hone in your skills and to get some good practice taking photos of nature. This spot is also excellent for more professional photographers to get some beautiful photos of Florida wilderness. (more…)

Lake Louise

We were there during Summer, and so the sunsets were pretty late (10:00pm). Golden hours are better to shoot and dont forget, this is one of most photographed locations in Alberta. So come in early and take the spot; This place is pretty close to the Fairmont hotel; (more…)

Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert in Chile offers a wide variety of photographic opportunities - from vast landscapes to wildlife. It is a must-visit location if you are traveling to Chile. (more…)

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

After visiting Pemaquid Point Light every year the summer when I finally received a quality camera I knew amazing photos would be coming. Sunrise is one of the best times to take photos in this location because it adds a dramatic background to the rocks and light house in the...


Born in 1867, Gastown is now home to many coffee shops, souvenir stores, restaurants and nightspots. You can suddenly get a different buzz once you enter this area as the architecture here delivers a different feeling from the rest of the city. Narrowed streets and stone pavement. All the historical...

Cascade Falls

This is a piece of nature so you can bring whatever you want (multiple cameras, tripods, etc.). There are multiple vantage points of the falls, which can be seen by climbing in/on/around rocks, trees, etc. The Falls are beautiful any time of year, however Autumn and snow on the ground...

Road to Milford Sound

The entire trip from Te Anau to Milford Sound is beautiful. This photo was taken pretty early in the morning in August meaning that it's winter in New Zealand. The first half of the trip to Milford was dry and the second half was a sort of snowy drizzle, although...

Crystal Lake

The lake is beautiful for both Sunrise and Sunset to get a nice reflection of the red mountains. The water is still early in the morning as my shot. I used Tripod on 24mm f/8 and about a sec of exposure. You have to walk 50 feet in the trail...