Photo Spots Archive - Page 18

Nanzenji Temple

This "sub-temple" is part of the Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto. Kyoto is blessed with an abundance of temples, almost too many to see. Nanzenji is at the southern end of the Philosophers' Walk, and near an old stone aqueduct almost Roman in appearance. This was at the peak of the...

Tokyo International Forum

The Tokyo International Forum was designed by the "starchitect" Rafael Vinoly. You can just walk in to the lobby/atrium area to shoot. The scale of construction, shapes and geometry is unique, and photogenic. (more…)

Mammoth Lakes and Devils Postpile National Monument

Rainbow Falls is a short hike in the Devils Postpile National Monument in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Although the area around the falls has been severely burnt, there was still plenty of water in the falls in late May. (more…)

Kilauea Volcano

The volcano was in a "glowing" phase, enough to illuminate the steam clouds rising from the crater. It was a lucky guess to get up early and have a clear morning to get this shot, and to have part of the Milky Way. (more…)

Piha Beach Area

Piha is the premier West Coast surf beach in Auckland. The shot below is in every body book that visits the place a view from when you first see the bay after the very winding road in. Here you can have a lot of fun lots of tracks in the...

The Glass House

This is a must visit for anyone who loves flowers, pack a spare battery cards and my recommendation a Monopod. In the two glass houses one cold (ambient temp) the other hot, the flowers change all the time being rotated so its always interesting. I recommend if you really like...

The Rock Dome

On top  of the Huge rock dome there are some huge Marbles like this great spot for star photography as it has a South Easterly aspect. It is good to get here early to have a walk about to get the best ( many) spots for some photography. looking West...

Sunrise Waihi Beach

Waihi Beach is a great spot for Sunrise my parents have captured many better than mine on my short holiday. I fully recommend this spot early well before the sun is starting to show. Bring a tripod and capture the full glory of a Sunrise but you have to take...

Sunset Coast

Although this is set to Singleton Beach any Perth Beach will do, clean white sands, rolling waves, birds flying and a few clouds make for a great Sunset. (more…)

Colony Farm Community Garden

The community garden is comprised of over 500 individual plots on seven-acres within Colony Farm Regional Park in Coquitlam, BC. It is a great location to see organic farming techniques, and to relax and enjoy nature. And, it is a wonderful spot to take photographs! (more…)