Marineland Rock Beach

Marineland Rock Beach

Photo Spot Summary

Country: United States

Category: Waterscape

State: Florida

City: Palm Coast

GPS Latitude: 29.664795

GPS Longitude: -81.210770


Just south of the Mainland Marina there is a parking lot on the ocean side. The parking lot has a boardwalk that leads to a few paths to the beach. If you go to the southern-most point on the boardwalk, and head out to the beach, you will see a half-mile stretch of the rock formations in the photo.

Photo Spot Details

My family recently vacationed in St. Augustine and one morning I drove along the coast looking for anything to capture. I didn’t fine any man-made structures so I stopped at a beach access and noticed these random rock formations all along the beach. The winds were around 25 miles an hour that morning so I didn’t keep my gear out for long. I managed to snap this one shot before everything was wet with sea mist.

Best Times & Gear

The sun rises on the east-coast so that would be my recommendation, but I’ve never see how the sunset lights the rocks, so explore both options. I’m not a Florida native but the day I visited the winds were severe so bring your heaviest tripod and dig the feet in when you find a good composition. The rock formations provide a great foreground subject for wide-angle work, but the details could also provide an endless array of macro shots.


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My favorite beach in Florida it use to be very private not now but beautiful

Robert Lavelle

we pass there and stop many times just to look at the water and walk the board walk, a few weeks ago we had a picnic with a few friends at the north side of the parking lot under a covered area with tables, what I would like to knew how long was that covered picnic area was there, the building…

Eddie Wilson

No idea. They seems to be eroded from a single large rock formation so I’m assuming it was already here.


Are the rocks native to the area or brought in from elsewhere?

John Sallas

Native to area. From when Florida was the ocean floor. Millions of years old.