Mariana Platform

Mariana Platform #1

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Country: Spain

Category: Waterscape

City: Formentera

GPS Latitude: 38.790401

GPS Longitude: 1.475227


The Mariana Platform is an underwater wreck situated just off the S'Espardell islet in the Mediterranean Sea, between Ibiza and Formentera Islands (Spain). The unique way to get there is by boat. Several diving centers in the area go there regularly.

Photo Spot Details

The Mariana Platform is an abandoned fish farm sunken between -12m and -35m. Its massive and metallic structure is partially collapsed, and its twisted parts create a fascinating and phantasmagoric scenario, just taken out of a terror film.

It attracts a variety of marine species (barracudas, scorpionfish, congers, groupers, morays…and even dolphins!), creating an oasis of life in the middle of a sand plain, helping to recover the natural environmental balance.

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