Marcy Avenue (BMT Jamaica Line)

Marcy Avenue BMT Line of NYC Subway System #2

Photo Spot Summary

Country: United States

Category: Travel

State: New York

GPS Latitude: 40.697582

GPS Longitude: -73.949646


Take the J M or Z train from Manhattan to the Marcy Ave Stop. Shoot from platform.

Photo Spot Details

Any time of day would be good to shoot here but I had time during the midday and since I street shoot in black and white the midday light is not much of a concern. This is just one stop from Manhattan into this station that is located in Brooklyn. I would be careful shooting here at night if you do not know the city. I shoot with a Ricoh GR which is super small and super quite. You can shoot without anyone knowing that you are shooting.

The lens is wide angle and the images were cropped very little or none. I likely shot these on auto setting since middle of the day stationary shots don’t require a lot of setting regulation.
You can leave the station and walk around the neighborhood a bit and return easily back to the city if you are staying there. This will allow you to get some images that are different than the constant city shots.

Marcy Avenue BMT Line of NYC Subway System #3

Marcy Avenue BMT Line of NYC Subway System #1


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