Lake Ontario Waterfront Parks

Lake Ontario Waterfront Parks #1

Photo Spot Summary

Country: Canada

Category: Other

State: Ontario

City: Mississauga

GPS Latitude: 43.554050

GPS Longitude: -79.579666


Easily accessible by the Queen Elizabeth Way, take the Hurontario Street exit south – stop when you reach the lake.

Photo Spot Details

Waterfront parks provide access to Lake Ontario in this primarily urban area. Not a dramatic sweeping landscape, but an easily accessible site with pleasant views and interesting features. Redeveloped from a long-time industrial lakeside processing plant, the area now has walking and riding paths along the shoreline, which includes stretches of recovering beach.

Of interest all year round, the first shot was taken mid-April after a particularly cold winter and spring – one more dusting of snow to endure! This long exposure utilized stacked infrared balanced ND 2.1 filters, setting a mood that reflects the seemingly endless winter just past.

The second shot shows that the usual suspects can be found along the water – these two gulls looking like they are out for a friendly stroll!

Then a more current shot with spring now in full swing; the tree canopy set for a dazzling summer – every leaf playing its part!

Lake Ontario Waterfront Parks #2
NIKON D7100 @ 200mm, ISO 280, 10/80000, f/2.8
Lake Ontario Waterfront Parks #3
NIKON D810 @ 135mm, ISO 160, 10/3200, f/2.0

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