Lafarge Lake, Town Centre Park

Lafarge Lake, Town Centre Park #1

Photo Spot Summary

Country: Canada

Category: Landscape

State: British Columbia

City: Coquitlam

GPS Latitude: 49.288074

GPS Longitude: -122.788734


Town Centre Park is a large city park. You will find sports fields, a stadium, volleyball courts, a water park and picturesque Lafarge Lake. The area was once the site of a gravel mine, and was donated to the city in the mid 1980’s. There is a wide trail that circles the lake, meandering through patches of forest and rolling meadow.

Photo Spot Details

I love the park in both the fall and spring, especially the area surrounding the lake. You can shoot fantastic fall foliage shots in the autumn, often softened with fog or mist. In the spring, hundreds of cherry blossom trees will be in full bloom, and provide a spectacular show.

My favorite lenses for this location are my 24-70mm wide-angle, and my 105mm macro. If you are interested in sports photography, you can almost always find action at one of the nearby fields, so bring a longer lens if that is your niche.

Photo Tips

The park is a well used by locals, so for a quitter time, arrive early morning. Don’t be afraid of the rain, you can get some wonderfully moody shots of the lake if it is overcast or drizzling. Make sure you bring a circular polarizing filter to enhance colors and cut through the glare and reflections on wet leaves and rocks.

Lafarge Lake, Town Centre Park #2

Lafarge Lake, Town Centre Park #3

Lafarge Lake, Town Centre Park #4

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth grew up in Vancouver, on the beautiful West Coast of Canada. In 2012 she relocated to Houston Texas for two years and then moved to Gautier, Mississippi in July of 2014 for another three years. Now back in Vancouver, Elizabeth runs photography workshops and teaches many aspects of photography. Her areas of interest are widespread and include street, wildlife, nature, architecture, macro and long exposures. She is particularly passionate about black and white images. You can see more of her work on her website at or on Instagram at photosbyelizabethgray


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Art Tyree

Elizabeth, congratulations on your award. I have enjoyed looking at your work. You have a true artist’s eye; I’m impressed that you take the time to see beauty in commonplace objects and in nearby locations. I will keep your tips in mind for my next trip to beautiful BC. –Art

Elizabeth Gray

Thanks so much Art! I think many people feel that they need to travel great distances to take great photographs. However, it doesn’t matter where you are, or what the light, you just need to take pictures, lots of pictures! Grand vistas are wonderful, but so are the little details.