Kilauea Volcano


Photo Spot Summary

Country: United States

Category: Landscape

State: Hawaii

City: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

GPS Latitude: 19.419371

GPS Longitude: -155.288498


On the Big Island of Hawaii, tour bus or rental car. Once in the park, a short drive around to the various lookout points.

Photo Spot Details

The volcano was in a “glowing” phase, enough to illuminate the steam clouds rising from the crater. It was a lucky guess to get up early and have a clear morning to get this shot, and to have part of the Milky Way.

Suggestion for budding volcanologists is to check from rental houses just outside the park.  It is a pleasant contrast to the warmer, beach climate elsewhere in Hawaii.


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Mary Larkin

Hi Dave, I went on vacation to Hawaii in March 2018. I am making a quilt and wonder if I have permission to use the picture above
to print out on pima cotton and sew it on my personal quilt.


Hello, I love the shot! I will be in Hawaii in January and plan on visiting the park. What time of day did you take this picture? When does the park open? Thanks Jim