Kanyam Tea Gardens

Kanyam Tea Gardens #1

Photo Spot Summary

Country: Nepal

Category: Landscape

City: Suryodaya

GPS Latitude: 26.874075

GPS Longitude: 88.085373


From Chaaraali in Jhapa, take the north exit from the East West Highway on to the Mechi Highway. Drive uphill some 38 odd kms thru the beautiful bends with paddy fields and patches of tea plantations on the sides. Just after a local market Harkatte, you arrive Kanyam with a view of lush green tea garden all around.

Photo Spot Details

As one of the best tea gardens of the country, Kanyam offers beautiful landscape photo opportunities. The waist high tea plant give a look of green carpet spread over a beautifully landscaped small hills. A wide angle lens and a tripod will be a good option. You can stay overnight on nearby lodges to capture images during dusk and sunrise the nest morning.

Kanyam Tea Gardens #2

Kanyam Tea Gardens #3

Kanyam Tea Gardens #4


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