John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge


Photo Spot Summary

Country: United States

Category: Cityscape

State: Ohio

City: Covington

GPS Latitude: 39.091183

GPS Longitude: -84.508133


From the corner of Riverside Drive and Riverside Place in Covington, KY, turn to the east and park by the river.

Photo Spot Details

The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge spans the Ohio River and connects Cincinnati, Ohio, with Covington, Kentucky.  I took this photo of the bridge and downtown Cincinnati from the Kentucky side of the bridge, but Cincinnati is also brimming with photographic opportunities such as the Cincinnatian Hotel and the famed Cincinnati Music Hall.  The best time to photograph the bridge and downtown Cincinnati is during blue hour, which starts about 15 minutes after sunset and 55 minutes before sunrise.  Use a tripod so you can keep your ISO low.  You will need a wide angle lens to get the bridge and downtown Cincinnati in the frame.



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Patrick R. Hughes

Your descriptions are right on. It is a beautiful and historic area. The residents of the area love to see families, couples, friends, etc. capture memories of important events, or just engage in some leisure photography. It takes a lot of resources to maintain the area as a picturesque setting. I’d encourage all professional photographers to remember to get an occupational license from the City of Covington, the expense is minimal and the revenues help fund Parks like George Rogers Clark Park. Think about it like a back-drop in your studio. You probably paid a lot more for that. Folks can also contribute to the Historic Licking Riverside Civic Associative beautification fund at If neither of these are an option, we understand. Everyone is still welcome. We love the company and sharing our history. Please remember to be mindful of the parking rules, and most importantly please properly dispose of waste and cigarette butts. Thanks! Hope to see you soon.