Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Photo Spot Summary

Country: United States

Category: Architecture

State: California

City: Sausalito

GPS Latitude: 37.827431

GPS Longitude: -122.499054


This shot was taken from the hills, also known as "headlands", just north of the Golden Gate bridge. There are many spots across the hills, that offer different angles for taking shots. To reach these hills, take the 101S towards Golden Gate, & take the very last exit, to Alexander ave, before you enter the bridge. in about 0.1 mile, take the Conzelman road exit, up towards the hills. Drive about 2 miles to reach some fascinating views of the bridge.

Photo Spot Details

This photo was taken very early in the morning in October 2014, well before sunrise, when the Marin fog just started to roll in, from the Pacific ocean. The fog itself is pretty unpredictable, so took me about 9 attempts, before I got this shot. Tripod is allowed, & required to capture the motion of the flowing blue hour fog.

Camera : Nikon D610
Lens : Nikkor 70-200mm
f/11, 30 sec, ISO 50, Lightroom 5

The Golden Gate, San Francisco, Fall 2014.


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Beautiful shot!