Epping Forest


Photo Spot Summary

Country: United Kingdom

Category: Wildlife

City: London

GPS Latitude: 51.657078

GPS Longitude: 0.041282


The best way to get to Epping Forest is by car. The town of Epping is located pretty close to London, so it is a relatively short drive.

Photo Spot Details

Epping Forest is a former royal forest that is managed by the City of London. It covers 2,476 hectares and contains areas of woodland, grassland, rivers and ponds. It is considered to be a special area of conservation and site of special scientific interest. To read more about the Epping Forest, check out this article.

In the below photographs, you can witness the natural beauty of the Epping Forest and the surrounding areas that has a power to attract the visitors.

Epping Forest London

London Epping Forest

Epping Forest


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this is not the right colours for epping forest


What is the camera-lens combination for the photographs pictured above?