Best Photo Spots in Florida

Payne’s Prairie

There are hundreds of alligators and birds in the preserve. Preserve is not open until 08:00 AM. More scenic after rains as the alligators will be more visible on the bank due to a higher water table; too low and the dike reveals more alligators but with a muddy backdrop.

Big Shoals State Park

Hike about 1 1/2 miles along the “Palmetto Trail” that runs about 15 feet above river (at least this day). The Suwannee River is on the left, and there are several spots along this trail where you can descend the bank to get to the river bed.

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

The Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive is a one-way 11-mile drive on narrow former farm roads built on top of levees. This is amazing habitat in restoration along the North shore of Lake Apopka. “In restoration” does not convey the fantastic breadth of wildlife, especially birds, you will see here. There…

Black Creek Trail

This spot is an absolutely amazing spit to go as a beginner to help hone in your skills and to get some good practice taking photos of nature. This spot is also excellent for more professional photographers to get some beautiful photos of Florida wilderness.

Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park is one of the nicest parks in the Apopka area and that is next to Lake Apopka one of the biggest lakes here in Florida. The Park its surrounded with a lot of space to do activities with the friends and family. It has pavilions and grills, there…

Old Naples Pier Pilings

There’s not much left of the Old Naples Pier, just a few rows of pilings which serve as a place for the birds to rest while feeding. Still, they make for a great foreground element. Naples beaches are very popular, and the sunsets always bring out a crowd so take…

Naples Pier

Personally I like wooden piers, the age and wear gives them a bit of character. Modern piers are made of concrete and lack personality but the Naples Pier has two things going for it: the structures on the pier give it a nice focal point, and it’s on the gulf…

Marineland Rock Beach

My family recently vacationed in St. Augustine and one morning I drove along the coast looking for anything to capture. I didn’t fine any man-made structures so I stopped at a beach access and noticed these random rock formations all along the beach. The winds were around 25 miles an…