Best Photo Spots in United States - Page 16

Marineland Rock Beach

My family recently vacationed in St. Augustine and one morning I drove along the coast looking for anything to capture. I didn't fine any man-made structures so I stopped at a beach access and noticed these random rock formations all along the beach. The winds were around 25 miles an...

Laguna Beach

This spot is located towards the west end of the beach where you can find half submerged rocks on the shore. You have to get to this spot in advance so that you will get a suitable location without any disturbances. Tripods are necessary as the surface is uneven and...

Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse

The Roanoke Lighthouse is a decommissioned screw-pile lighthouse. A very unique style, looking more like a cottage than a typical pillar-style lighthouse. The coastal dock and walk-up dock provide a number of vantage points, but in my opinion a dead-on shot is the most dramatic. Be sure to spend some...

Zabriskie Point

Probably the most famous view point in Death Valley, and rightfully so. This overlook offers great view of colorful Death Valley badlands. Best avoided in summer, due to high temperatures, but accessible all year, with no tripod restrictions. (more…)

Top of the Rock

As often, things become more interesting with a not so blue sky, when sun is going down...Perfect time at night also, anyway, city view is always stunning! There are some tall glass panels to avoid people falling down, so you need to find ones with enough space between them to have an...

The Guggenheim Museum

Once you've gone into the galleries you're not allowed to take pictures. However, they don't mind you taking any from the ticket hall on the ground floor. Luckily the ticket office is in the perfect spot to get a shot of the entire building! (more…)

Point Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes is a beautiful piece of the California coastline just north of San Francisco. It is one of the most western extensions of the coastline, and because of this is a magnet for migrating birds--about 40% of the bird species in America have been recorded here, as well as...

Ruby Beach

The pristine beaches of Olympic National Park along the Washington coast offer many advantages for landscape photography. Here one can find sea stacks, driftwood, pebble-strewn beaches, and sweeping vistas to warm the heart of a landscape photographer. In addition, there are no towns and houses, and few people. (more…)

Golden Gate Bridge

This photo was taken very early in the morning in October 2014, well before sunrise, when the Marin fog just started to roll in, from the Pacific ocean. The fog itself is pretty unpredictable, so took me about 9 attempts, before I got this shot. Tripod is allowed, & required...

Mono Lake, South Tufa

Spring and Fall are best seasons as well as late summer with some stormy clouds over Sierras. Best time of day are sunrises and sunsets, when the sky and tufa light up in shades of orange and the lake reflects it all. (more…)