Best Photo Spots in Israel

Tel Aviv City Beach

Enitre nightlife is organized in the vicinity of the city beach. It truly reminds Miami Beach and due this resemblance Tel Aviv is called "Miami of Mediterrenean Sea". City beach in Tel Aviv spreads from Old Jaffa, which is historical center of culture and must-see place in Israel, to old...

Dead Sea

Dead Sea is a an owe-inspiring, breathtaking place that looks totally out of this world. It is rather hot in Israel but for the Dead Sea phototrip you must take decent hiking shoes due to presence of many sharp-edged formations at the cost. (more…)

Jerusalem Old Town

Jerusalem Old Town has a very special and unique climate which probably comes from the history of Jesus Christ. In terms of photography, there are many dark interiors, in most of which tripods are forbidden. Therefore I recommend taking high ISO capable camera, fast and stabilized lenses. (more…)