Best Photo Spots in Indonesia


Amed is actually famous for its diving spot. But, besides its underwater beauty, the activity on the land in this area is also interesting. There are many great photo objects that can be captured like local people's activity, fisherman boat, and also rocky beaches. As it is famous already, there...

Pasih Uug

Pasih Uug also known as Broken Beach, because there is a hollow cliff that looks like a large well. Not only beautiful scenery, there are many manta rays around this place. You can see them if you are lucky. (more…)

Giri Putri Cave

On this island, Giri Putri cave has the Hindunese temple inside it. The cave is very wide inside but the entrance is very narrow. We have to crawl in to pass the entrance. (more…)

Atuh Beach

Atuh beach is surrounded by cliff and there is also a big hole on the cliff. (more…)

Tablingan Lake

Morning is the best time to explore Tamblingan Lake. Beside its scenery, the bird life around the lake is also interesting to be captured. So you can use both wide and tele lens here. (more…)

Sekumpul Waterfall

There are some waterfalls in this area so many spots to be explored. Beware of the flash flood in rainy season. Have yourself a local guide to assist you whether it is safe to reach this place or not. (more…)


Underwater life is the main destination on this place. So underwater camera or underwater housing is a must. You can also visit a Hindunese temple on the east of this island. (more…)

Water Palace

Water Palace or known also as Soekasada Ujung Garden is one of Bali king's residence. Built by king of Karangasem, I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, in 1909. The palace is built on the water and it is now open for public. Some people often use this palace for a prewedding photography....

Ngaben Ceremony

Ngaben is a Balinese funeral ceremony. For Hindunese people, there is caste system. Higher someone's caste means the Ngaben ceremony is more luxurious. But the luxurious Ngaben ceremony can not be found any time. The ceremony is not held right after someone passed away, because they have to set the...

Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park is a breeding place for various butterfly species. There can be found also other insects, for example praying mantis. (more…)