Best Photo Spots in Brazil

Buracão Waterfall

This photo was taken while accessing the Buracão Waterfall through a narrow rocky canyon. You might need good swimming skills in order to get into the canyon and be able to see the waterfall right after it. This canyon and the waterfall can be accessed after a 1.5 hr trail-walk...

Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain)

The best time to get to Sugarloaf Mountain is probably summertime - around January/February. Regarding the daytime, I would personally go there only in the late afternoon, ideally approximately 1-2 hours before the sunset. This time allows you for reconnaissance of the spots from which you will take photos. (more…)

Camboriu Rock Dock

It's easy to see the beauty of a big city, but to capture that "magic" you must take your time and find a good spot. A lot of the city's surrounding area of Santa Catarina district in Brazil, deep in the South of the country is also really beautiful. In...