Best Photo Spots in United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa

The photo was taken from the topmost observation deck looking towards the glorious fountains. It was taken at around 7pm local time, when the sun had just set giving it a lovely blueish hue. The lights were just about being turned on. (more…)

Jabal Al Jais

Endless snaking roads and hairpin turns await the avid driver on this mountain peak. It is the highest peak in the United Arab Emirates at 1900m. There are routine stops along the way with rest stops. The views are humbling from so high and one has to be careful as...

Global Village

The Global Village is a massive exhibition that covers over 16.5 million square foot of space just a few kilometers from the City of Dubai. The village contains colour exhibits, performances and shops from multiple regions of the world. The architecture for each of the pavillions is what makes the...