Cochin Hospital’s Underground

Cochin Hospital's Underground

Photo Spot Summary

Country: France

Category: Architecture

City: Paris

GPS Latitude: 48.837399

GPS Longitude: 2.338869


This one is a little bit tricky. It is stone-pits who are under an hospital in Paris. You can't go there by yourself. You must make a reservation through this website. Most of the time, you must be in a small group to be able to visit it.

Photo Spot Details

This is an underground spot. So you will need large aperture lenses or use high ISO. I don’t think that tripods are allowed, but monopods should be and are perhaps the best compromises. It is a guided tour with other people so you won’t have a lot of time for photography. All the lights down there are artificial with different white balances, so B&W photography is a safe choice when you post-process your images.


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