Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier

Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier

Photo Spot Summary

Country: United States

Category: Waterscape

State: North Carolina

City: Manns Harbor

GPS Latitude: 35.226013

GPS Longitude: -75.636391


The map directions will lead your right to the pier parking lot. Since the pier is condemned, parking is free, but spots are limited as the shifting sands take over more of the lot with each year.

Photo Spot Details

The Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier is another one of the few remaining wooden piers on the Outer Banks coast. Each year these piers are damaged by seasonal storms and replaced with concrete versions. This pier has been damaged to an unsafe point, so it’s been boarded off and condemned. With each year more and more of the pier is washed out to sea, so get your shots while it’s still there.

Best Times & Gear

Definitely a sunrise location, but sunset with some good clouds could work as well. Long exposure, short exposure, there are lots of options. Bring the polarizer and your ND filters. GNDs might not help as they’ll darken the pier with the sky so you’re best bet is to blend multiple exposures if you can’t get it all in one shot.


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