Big Ben

Big Ben

Photo Spot Summary

Country: United Kingdom

Category: Cityscape

City: London

GPS Latitude: 51.500721

GPS Longitude: -0.119977


The south side of Westminster Bridge is probably the best location to get a shot of Big Ben and the House of Parliament. To get there take the tube to Westminster station and then just walk over the bridge.

Photo Spot Details

This is a very popular stop to shoot Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. The best time is during the golden hour, but you may need to get there early to get a good spot. Tripods are allowed, but be careful as there’s a pavement that runs along the Thames, and it does get busy, so you’ll need to watch your gear.


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I want to go see Big Ben….. RALLY REALLY REALLY want to see IT!!!!


Please be aware that The tower is currently covered in scaffolding for maintenence work that will continue until 2021 :-(